Taylor heard of this great new app this morning and I thought everyone should know about it. The app is called SafeTrek. SafeTrek uses GPS technology to help keep you safe. When you are feeling unsafe, all you have to do is hold your finger down on the screen and the GPS on your phone turns on. When you feel safe again, you remove your finger and type in your four digit pin number. If you remove your finger without typing in your pin in ten seconds, the police are notified. You can also use the app to see areas where others have felt unsafe, which is great when you are in/visiting a new place and do not really know it that well. Anyways, thought this was a great idea especially for college students. I know a few girls (Morgan and Taylor) who will be getting a new app today. Happy Wednesday everyone! Stay safe : ) 

Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday—Period For Good is always looking for new ways to help lessen that painful time of the month. So, we did some research to find out what were some home remedies for cramps. Turns out, there are a number of antispasmodics that are really easy to get ahold of if you are looking for a more natural approach when dealing with cramps. The most common herb used to ease period cramps is chamomile. There are a number of good teas made with chamomile. It is said for chamomile to have the most optimal affect one should drink it every two hours when experiencing cramps.

Need help navigating a tricky period or birth control problem? These brilliant health apps have your back

There is no surprise that TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) is such a concern in the Unites States. Changing that thing is important. And there is an app to remind you to…no kidding. While looking for a little help with reminders, especially for the younger ladies, we found this great article on different apps for all things dealing with periods. Thus, there is an app for that!!


We now offer Stayfree and Always pads. If you are receiving Kotex U Reg and Kotex NB Overnight and would like to change to one of these brands, just send us an email with your change request to customerservice@periodforgood.com 
We will take care of you! Of course, we will continue to carry the Kotex brands as well.


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Morgan Oliver, the awesome entrepreneur and CEO of Period For Good. Since her company seemed so interesting (and very beneficial to a lovely woman…


Do The Little Good You Can

True Story: So down road a bit from our house is an assisted living residence for mentally challenged adults. Everyday we drive by, a young man is out in his very small front yard with his metal detector. We also walk by the house on our exercise loop and I would say nine out of ten days he is out there with the metal detector. He is about 20 years old and always so sweet when we pass. He is so engaged and searches diligently for “treasures”. I have often wondered how he could possibly be finding anything as often as he searches and also given the fact that the yard is so small. So today on my way out, I decided to sprinkle the yard with some coins. I threw some out my car window and they landed in a spread out pattern which should create several good finds. I hope no one was watching from the window. I really want him to find them today! I plan to keep him in little treasures to discover.


Meet the pets of the week, Roxanne and Spencer! If you cannot adopt, then help other animals at Best Friends Animal Society by subscribing to Period For Good at www.periodforgood.com today!

Pets of the Week: Meet Roxanne and Spencer! Roxanne is a striking gal who is a real flirt and gets along well with other felines. Spencer is a lovable, goofy labrador retriever who is always on the lookout for his next belly rub. 

Apply by 3/25, and they’ll fly home for free! Plus, you’ll receive a voucher for a month’s supply of food from Wag.com. MEET THEM: http://statictab.com/ncvnjok. -melissa m.

Thought you might like to see the very nice “Thank You” cards sent to us from Sunshine on a Ranney Day. They do amazing make-overs for kids. Tripp Halstead Updates was who turned us on to SOARD as one of the charities we support. Fun fact: Our very first customer picked SOARD and they had never heard of them before. Let your period make a difference. Crazy concept, I know, but “Make something GOOD happen this month”. 

Period For Good’€™s January Do Good Review

WOW!  January was an incredible month for Period For Good.  In one short month we opened for business, created a community, and together began to make a huge difference.  A big thank-you to everyone who has begun to take part in this journey with us!

It is extremely important to us for everyone’s giving to be unique and personal.  For this reason, every month we will do a review of all the good our community did together.  So for our first month EVER, read below to find out all the GOOD we did together in January.

Sunshine On A Ranney Day

Period For Good, meet AJ.  He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and is unable to walk, stand or sit up on his own. He requires assistance for every facet of his life. AJ’s wheelchair cannot fit into the narrow bathroom and his tall, lanky and fragile frame no longer fits into the standard tub comfortably. Consequently, he has to be lifted into the tub and on the toilet. This is strenuous on both AJ and his adoptive parents. His spine is fused and great care must be taken when lifting and supporting him. Although AJ’s room is an average size, his specialized equipment takes up quite a bit of space, which leaves little availability to maneuver his wheelchair. AJ has very limited communication, but he really enjoys listening to music. He is happy under almost any circumstance and keeps a smile on his face. Subscriptions helped to fund a remodel of the bathroom to comfortably and safely accommodate AJ and his caregivers.  Thank you for supporting AJ!

Tripp Halstead

Once Stacy mentioned Period For Good on Tripp’s page, Tripp’s fans immediately responded.  It was overwhelming to realize how so many, just like us, have fallen in love with Tripp.  We sent Stacy a text and told her of the outpouring of love.  She is ecstatic and humbled by the love everyone shows her little fighter.  She said the money we sent her in January went toward extra therapy.  If you follow her on FB, you know this is what she has been dreaming of; more therapy for Tripp! GO TEAM BOOM!

American Cancer Society Relay for Life

For January, we helped sponsor Cindy Brown’s 2014 Relay for Life Team Teacher Assistants.  Cindy lost an aunt recently to a rare form of pancreatic cancer and also lost a grandmother (lung), grandfather (liver), uncle (brain) and another aunt to melanoma.  The ages of these cancer victims range from 26 to 62, all very young by anyone’s standards.  Cindy has been participating in Relay for Life for the last ten years and works with many children in her local school system to get them involved to participate.

In addition to making a donation to her Relay Team, Period For Good and our team raised awareness by making our Facebook and Twitter profile pictures purple on February 4th.  Chevrolet contributed $1 to the American Cancer Society for every profile purpled, up to $1,000,000 or until 12/13/14, whichever came first.  The coolest part, $1,000,000 was raised in one day.

Ride to Give

Our community helped sponsor Ryan Diviney’s medical care.  Ryan Diviney was a gifted athlete and healthy student at West Virginia University on a partial academic scholarship, who one night suffered a brutal attack.  Left for dead by his assailants, Ryan suffered a fractured skull, a broken jaw, and bleeding of the brain.

Now, daily care for Ryan by his father, involves hygiene, feeding through a tube, physical therapy, vibration therapy, tactile and sensation therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT), oral care, bowel and urine protocols, and the administration of dozens of medications and supplements.  The cost of Ryan’s care, comfort, and treatment is roughly $2 million annually. The Diviney’s have private health insurance that helps cover some of this expense, but a significant amount of the financial burden is not covered because his brain injury treatment and recovery is mostly unknown and considered “experimental.”

Everyone can keep up with Ryan and his family at http://ryansrally.org.

You Pick For Me

January’s “You Pick For Me”, sponsored food for Jellybean, a rare white tiger and I (Morgan) also took fresh bananas to Rotten, a binturong.  Both animals live at Carolina Tiger Rescue, which is located in Pittsboro, North Carolina.  As you may be able to tell from our blogs and charities, we love animals and have a soft heart for all of them. I stumbled upon Carolina Tiger Rescue as I was searching for a zoo to visit.  I have personally visited the rescue three times in the last year and love the facility and mission.  Big cats require a lot of special care, not to mention a huge diet.  The rescue is a lifelong sanctuary to 70+ wildcats and offers educational tours and field trips to thousands of visitors each year at their 55 acre facility.  Also, we made “enrichment” toys for seven of the big cats.  “Enrichment” is considered toys made from cardboard boxes used to mentally stimulate the cats.  They loved the smells of clove and chunks of meat we put inside!  (I took several pictures of the cats playing that I will try to upload soon.) Check out Jellybean and Rotten at http://www.carolinatigerrescue.org or http://www.periodforgood.com/4012/januarys-you-pick-for-me-2/

Best Friends Animal Society 

Last month we helped sponsor antibiotics for Sax, a member of the society’s Sanctuary.  After being rescued as a stray, Sax quickly began to show signs of pain.  No one could figure out why because on the outside he seemed fine, but soon he was hurting too much to walk.  After lots of lab work, testing showed he had an infection with Brucella Canis.  This bacteria is prevalent in stray dog populations and can cause abortions and reproductive tract infections.  Brucellar Spondylitis is a slow process, and dogs often experience extreme episodes of back pain like Sax.  However, with his new therapy and antibiotics his caretakers are confident he will have less pain and fewer painful episodes.  Keep up with Sax and his recovery at http://bestfriends.org/Get-Involved/Guardian-Angel/Animals/Sax/

WHEW!  Now that is A LOT of good!  Way to go team.  Together we made a lot of good things happen : )

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