Game over

Maybe I can stop the denial by writing it down

Definitely dead:

  • Karkat: Undeniably melted by lava
  • Kanaya:Desintegrated by batterwitch vision. I have no idea to what extent rainbow drinkers are able to regenerate but I’m not counting on anything.
  • Gamzee: Chainsawed into two or more bits by Kanaya (God Tier, but Just kill, therefore dead.) Fucking finally.
  • Jake: both stabbed in the heart by Aranea’s sword, confirmed death (God Tier and Heroic death)
  • Jane: Stabbed by a sword with Jake still on it. (God tier and Just death)
  • Dave: Stabbed by both Perigrine Mendicant and Jack Noir. Confirmed Heroic death (God Tier)

There might be like a chance:

  • Terezi: Managed to get the sword out of her after being stabbed in the heart by Aranea, wasn’t dead at the end of the video.
  • Rose: Stabbed in the heart with double trident, almost got desintegrated but got teleported away by Roxy. No confirmation of death.
  • Aranea: Was in the process of being choked to death. God I hope the bitch dies.

Made it until the end of the video (sort of) unscathed:

  • Roxy: teleported away with Rose’s dying body
  • Batterwitch: Fucking survived because she’s way op
  • John: Thank god one of the beta kids is still alive 
  • Caliborn: Could have been killed if it weren’t for John’s teleporting problem
  • Dirk: (Luckily) wasn’t there when the massacre started so Hussie didn’t get the chance.
  • Not me

This doesn’t help it only makes it worse.

'We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing them becomes too high which for me was the time in second grade when Robbie Jensen pantsied me at lunch in front of a table of girls and announced I believed in fairies'
—  Riggs, Ransom: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children