So; this is my first request.Its for my good bro  “burningoleander”
I wanted to make a larger pixelart, but i had not enough gray colours.   But then i had the idea for the animation; so you could say he got more than he requestet  XD
PM belongs to the awesome webcomic “homestuck”. If you haven´t read it yet, i suggest you to do !…

eqqhime asked:

can u reccommend me books BC I WANNA STArt readING AGain

HHMM IDK? uhhh

  • Gone Girl and Dark Places by Gilliam Flynn,
  • Maximum Ride series and Daniel X series by James patterson,
  • Quantum Prophesy trilogy by Michael Carroll,
  • The Alchemist series by Michael Scott,
  • Miss Perigrines Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs,
  • Hyperboly And A Half by Allie Brosch or smthn like that idk
  • Its Kinda A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini (this ones about a kid w depression and has some parts where he’s suicidal tho so idk if u feel uncomfortable? Its not a lot and its not the main focus)
  • Percy Jackson And The Olympians by Rick Riordan
  • pfff idk I can’t think of more but I can look through my book shelf if u need more :0

A monsoon is perigrinating throughout the coastal region, and as it grows to an exponential size, the waters get colder in relation. It’s the fourth bilunar perigree of the first dim season’s equinox for K̶'̛th͢ra͝u̴h's̨ sake. I would understand if we were a couple bilunar perigrees away from 12th’s eve but that isn’t the case, isn’t it.


Elkepesztoen jo japan propaganda film 1944-bol, bar en nehezen hiszem el, hogy nem mostanaban csinaltak.

War-time Japan produced a number of excellent motion pictures regarding its military. One of those films, a product of the Toho Motion Picture Company, was the 1944 production of ‘Kato Hayabusa Sentotai’ (Kato’s Perigrin Falcon Squadron). Col. Kato was indeed a real officer serving with the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force in Southeast Asia…an officer highly respected by his pilots for his fairness and excellent flying ability. The aircraft he and his men flew was the Nakajima Ki-43 'Hayabusa’ fighter. One of the many highlights of the production was the use of the actual type aircraft used by the Kato squadron. Along with the realistic action, the acting and direction were superb. I would say that this feature is above par should it be compared with other films of this type including those produced in the United States and Europe. The motion picture was shot in black and white, and is about two hours in length.