Oh my goodness. I need to giggle about this for a minute.

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Just. When Stephen turns around to punch that guy, THAT FUCKING FACE HE MAKES. Eyebrows popping high, eyes wide, mouth open–presumably making punching sound effects, I’d bet. That is just hilarious.

And poor thing, if it were actual-Oliver making that face, way to telegraph your moves, buddy.

Here, anyone want an AU?

Strange Magic Broadway AU (inspired by this discussion)

Bog is a highly temperamental artist writing and directing his own musical, but his producer, Dagda Fairwood, keeps insisting on changes. Like putting his daughters in starring roles, and rewriting the script to have a romantic plot.

Bog hates the two entitled “princesses”, especially the older one and her sleazy blond boyfriend. Roland and Marianne are playing the couple in the forced romantic plot. But opening night Marianne discovers Roland has been cheating and she breaks his nose. With Roland unable to perform the only one who knows the part is Bog but he and Marianne won’t let the show go on without some changes to the plot …

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Sorry to sound rude, but from what I've been seeing from your patreon, commissions, etc, you seem to only be doing it all for money. Sure there will be retards who will throw their money at anyone who scribbles a pony, but are you really accomplishing anything that way? No. Your prices are ridiculous to top it off, I mean $40 for humans and anthros? Even $20 for full color for a pony? Dude your art at full color is worth $10 at most.

Thank you for your opinion, anon! I wish I made as much money as you seem to think I make! 

 I’ll look into seeing if I can’t improve my prices!

it always tickles me when folks say “well God doesn’t make a mistake so xyz is wrong”. I was sitting down and my very Christian step mom said “oh did you see Bruce is now Caitlyn, I don’t get it. God doesn’t make any mistakes.” Like ok, God doesn’t make mistakes. But we are the ones who have been mistaking all along. I mean look at how far we’ve come in fucking up the world . We’re just now garnering the truth that people can be intersex and that we shouldn’t base gender off of genitalia. So perhaps God didn’t make a mistake but us being in a white supremacist imperialistic patriarchal cis world has taught us to correlate that a vagina equals woman and penis equals man. When now we know this isn’t true. Idk if this makes sense but that’s just my truth when I hear folks say that. Perhaps it just idiocy that’s blocking us from being honest with ourselves. Tbh it’s not even a thought it’s the truth.

I have this problem wherein when things are getting the most busy they have ever been in my entire life, I decide to start additional projects.

The supper we were served was, in a word, vile. There were odd white blocks among the (still meatless) food. When I tried one, I had to immediately spit it out, as it was some strange tasteless mush that felt wrong on the tongue. Dwalin loudly refused to touch it and when Balin tried a piece, he politely ate it, though his eyes were distressed.

My nanaddan were daring each other to try it. Fíli finally put a piece in his mouth only to spit it back out in his hand while Kíli laughed at him. With Kíli’s mouth open in laughter, Fíli took the opportunity to shove the food into their mouth, causing Kíli to panic and fall from their cushion.

Mr Baggins seemed fine with the strange food, as he seemed to be with all Elvish things. Bombur was asking about its qualities and delicately trying a piece. His face showed his displeasure but he tried it several times with different things.

The rest of the company shied away from the white blocks and picked through the food before them, still trying to figure out how the stick utensils worked.

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King Dark smiled as his eyes laid upon you. He sauntered up to you and put a hand to your cheek, stroking it softly with his thumb. "Hello Waffle, my dear. You're looking gorgeous as always," he practically purred, his voice low in your ears. He leaned in close and paused, just inches from your lips to tease you, as you found his other hand inching around your lower waist to pull you close. "let's see if you taste as good as your name implies," he grinned, closing the gap between you for a kiss.

i must admit it does sounds nice, tho. :o

anonymously make me blush

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hello! so I've been doing some research but I can't find anything on it. what does Tyler's tattoo mean? I know it has something to do about how it's meaning saved his life but I can't find the meaning. do you know? thanks c:

ask him irl. I don’t know, and he doesn’t want it online

Mental illness…  Is it really mental illness, doctor, or is it just that his mind works so differently from most people’s that we don’t know what else to call it?
—  Jack Crawford to Hannibal Lecter, saying one of the most important and real-world relevant lines in the entire show.