Performance Workshop

Every gesture and movement on stage having a meaning and purpose Is nothing but the truth. No matter what you do stage give it purpose and make sure it fits the song, brand, and concept of the performance. Every performer must demand the stage and force the audience to feel what the artist wants them to feel. In order to keep your fans entertain your movements must mean something. The best example is my girl Beyoncé.  When she performed “Naughty Girl” she emphases female sexuality and makes you feel that she is yours and when performed “I Care” I felt the pain and frustration she was in I want to cry for her. She managed to makes the emotion with a simply sit down and using harsh hand and body movements and minimal eye contact. Rihanna is another excellent performer with stage presences. when she want you to feel sex she makes SEX. For "Skin" she used her hands, legs, and back to enhance the meaning and the mood of the song. Justin Timberlake used his female backup dancers to give his song "Damn Girl" a little more flare. His highly actually female background dances wearing sexy outfits dancing like they are trying to get a man made everybody go DAMN! Every back-popping, leg rising, body rocking, seductive stomp made the song even more provocative. Trey Songz uses his body to get all the ladies excited. The way he moves his body with baby-making music shows that every gesture and movement on stage having a meaning and purpose.

Using real performers and real situations is probably the best way to explain that everything you do on stage is a reflection of your song, image, and purpose. No matter what you want the audience to feel their is always away to get it through other than your voice, add more when it is needed and simplify if it’s make since to. Performing is an art that has to be developed over time and through trial and error.

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Performance Workshop

The performance workshop was one of my favorite parts of the program so far! I was overjoyed to be able to play my music and practice being onstage, as well as accompanying some of my fellow musicians. Richard Barone was enthusiastic and happy to give constructive criticism on performance. On one of my tunes, he advised keeping a consistent timing, which is something that I think to be highly helpful in playing the song to its full potential. I enjoyed all the other performances very much, as well. ReMu is definitely full of such talented performers! I loved playing my own originals and getting a feel for what I would be like as a solo performer. I truly would love to have more criticism on performance, I don’t think two workshops is enough! I had so much fun, and I hope to perform in the near future and implement what I’ve learned at the workshop.

Performance Workshop

       The Performance Workshop with Richard helped me discover a new favorite activity of mine: performing. I had some shortcoming for sure, like loosing my breath a lot, but I still had an amazing time performing for my classmates and feeling like it was a live show. Interacting with the “crowd” was probably one of my favorite things about performing for Richard. I was extremely flattered by all of the appreciation and kind words Richard had to say about my music, along with the performance I gave. Richard also told me that I had a lot of potential and said there was just a couple things I needed to improve on; he said a little bit of vocal instruction and I would be killing shows just like that. Another reason I loved the workshop so much is because it gave me a chance to see my fellow classmates in a different element doing what they do best; performing. It is astonishing how much talent there was within the group.

Performance Workshop w/ Richard Barone

     First off, I want to thank Richard for teaching us. I have learned so much and now know to think through my performance every step of the way. I agree that every action you do on stage should have a reason because when performing you are adding a whole new level to the way you convey your messages. If your performance varies from your message or distracts your audience from the real reason you are performing, then your mark on your audience will suffer. The whole point of a performance is to have a connection with your audience through music and this is impossible if the performance isn’t up to par. Richard taught me that this takes everything into consideration from song order and stories, to movement and eye contact. You need to really captivate an audience and hold their attention to succeed as a performance artist and his lessons will definitely help me do so. Thank you.

P e r f o r m a n c e / W o r k s h o p

I loved the performance workshops. 

Our teacher Richard.. is just awesome. He really makes everyone feel comfortable and confidant. I really enjoyed the two days we had working with him. I wish we had more! 

Personally, I feel performing is a strength I have and i always love to hear feed back on how I can really perfect what I am doing. My goal is to become a well rounded entertainer, so this workshop was perfect for me. Also, watching everyone else and taking some of their notes Richard gave them was also helpful. Altogether, I love hearing other people sing and watching them do their thing, so it was uber entertaining.