Bellydance Fees: The Why in What We Charge

Bellydancers are struggling artists.  Like most dancers of all genres we put a lot of hard work, time and investments into what we do.  Yet, bellydance as a whole is one of the few professions that is making less now than 10-20 years ago.  A great article that exemplifies this fact can be found here:

Being a pro performer or instructor is a lot of work.  Speaking from experience, it’s also very stressful.  When you think about everything involved in our art it’s not so hard to realize why we charge what we do for lessons and/or performances.  The average pro has to take into account the following expenses:

  • Costuming (which can range from $300-3000 per costume!  For example, a Rajasthani silver belt similar to Zoe Jake’s runs $950!)
  • Music (for classes, performances and sometimes students)
  • Make-Up
  • Accessories (jewelry, belts, hair pieces, etc…All of these items are essential in Tribal style.)
  • Props (where applicable)
  • Advertising (computers, business cards, printing costs for flyers/newsletters, photography and more)
  • Travel Expenses (gas, accommodations where applicable, wear and tear on vehicles)
  • Not to mention the amount spent on YEARS of training!  And the travel to and from workshops, classes and private lessons.

From a personal perspective: My work includes choosing music for upcoming performances, editing my own music, sewing/repairing costumes for said performance, drilling movements to keep my technique sharp and fresh, working with my venue/client to advertise.  All while planning the week’s lesson for my class, choosing music to fit the lessons, working on class choreography, answering emails, updating network sites and my website, meetings with my student’s troupe, choreographing for the troupe and the list goes on.  It’s a long, hard process and most of the time there is little profit.  But when it’s what you live for you have no qualms.

Please keep all this in mind next time you question why a bellydancer charges what they do.  Don’t skimp on the fees we require and always remember, you get what you pay for.  Do the research.  Learn about the dancer you’re hiring or taking lessons under.  If you’re unsure of their background then look elsewhere.  Cheapest is not always a good thing.

Make More Money Gigging With These Creative Approaches

By Dave Kusek 

Gigging and touring is the bread and butter for indie musicians today. Playing local gigs on the weekend with a few regional or national tours can provide enough income to get by, but there’s a lot more to gigging than performing and ticket sales. The fan interactions, collaboration opportunities, and merch possibilities open up a number of income streams for musicians. Let’s take a look at three creative ways you can use the tools you already have available to make more money at your gigs.

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sybilsystem said:

I know the whole thing is already a disaster, but don't you think it's a bit immature to harangue the staff on Facebook?

Not really.

This is the team that

They changed the name to avoid answering questions or actually compensating people despite

But despite all of this, Emoti-Con

If you want to know more, there’s a three-part behind-the-scenes explanation from someone involved in the planning stages. It’s beyond hilarious. It’s terrifying.

And to add insult to injury (because no-one on the team seems capable of acting in a professional manner), they’re still spruiking their early bird party with “ballpit themed bracelets” (a clear reference to Dashcon) for a whopping $40 despite not having any sort of schedule or guest list.

Because, you know.

All hail the ballpit.

But for real, if you’re in the area and want to go to a convention, check out Indy Popcon instead.

Investing in Hedge Funds: Complexity, Expense & the CalPERS Portfolio

Barry Ritholtz called it an earthquake. Forbes named a plague of vampires. And Gawker wrote, with glee, “The Hedge Fund Scam is Unraveling.” What happened?

CalPERS is getting out of hedge funds.

CalPERS decided to exit their $4b hedge fund portfolio. They decided to cut such name-brand funds as Brookside Capital and Och Ziff Capital, not to mention the portfolio’s $135m of annual performance and management fees. Their chief complaints: complexity and expense.

Though we don’t run $300b in assets for pensioners, we have looked closely at hedge funds. One way to understand CalPERS’ decision is with a picture. We used the Symmetric platform to plot the distribution of stock selection skill by decile in the hedge fund industry across the past three years. Stock selection skill describes a manager’s ability to pick stocks that outperform the stock’s respective sector. This skill is what many equity L/S hedge funds market themselves as being good at.

CalPERS has a point. The gulf between the top and the bottom decile of stock selection is wide. The average manager’s stock selection skill is roughly 1.9% in the Symmetric universe and can easily consumed, depending on a number of factors, by the two-and-twenty charged for its administration. This specific data is also survivorship-biased. The funds that burned out because of bad returns in year one and year two aren’t in today’s look-back-window of three years as they may have stopped filing regulatory filings, so the data is likely skewed in the positive — more optimistic — direction.

Picking the winning hedge fund managers is hard. Returns comprise only one part of the picture and are too often confused with an investor’s skill. A manager may deliver returns, for example, and seemingly earn their performance fee, but they may only be harvesting the returns of the overall market or a sector. A hedge fund investor needs to step back from returns and decompose the specific bets managers are making to isolate the skill and ensure they are getting what they are paying for. This is part of the complexity in hedge funds that CalPERS is referring to. 

Investors in hedge funds, whether they understand it or not, make a bet on a manager’s skill. CalPERS chose to take that bet off the table in one $4b move. As Barry Ritholtz noted, “hedge funds aren’t an asset class…they’re a legal structure.” And they happen to be a legal structure that cost CalPERS $135m per year.

Perhaps if they could pare back the complexity and expense, they wouldn’t have been shut out so suddenly from CalPERS portfolio.


"Counterculture" Installation and sound performance by Fee Ronja Kuerten /Tellavision at Open Studio Exhibition, Hamburg. Video by David Gutema. (Encore)

Well guess i’ll tell tumblr about my day since I have no one else 

Well marching band went great, we practiced stands tunes, worked on half time show, and WE GET OUR GUARD JACKETS TOMORROW I’M SO EXCITED AND THE FIRST GAME IS ON SATURDAY AND GAHHH

Its a night game so we’re not going ot get back until like midnight but oh well i’m still excited. I also got invited to go to a party that night, but i’m not gonna wanna feel like getting stupidly drunk with people after being at the game and performing. I’ll fee like eating, sleeping, and showering 

So we got our group assignmenst for my anthropology class and I crept all their facebooks so I could see who I was working with and i’m working with the trans girl in my class. Jason has a joke that i’m a trans magnet but honestly he might have some truth to it. Speaking of that my transgender keychain fell off today and i’m PISSED. Also my Canada button fell off my book bag so thats two for two today and i’m just like well fuck. The only one of my LGBT keychains that has survived is my asexual one ironic enough. I’ll just go by the LGBT center tomorrow and get another trans one. 

And I went to Pagan Student association tonight and laughed really hard cause I dropped out of my christian sorority, started going ot PSA and then my salad and soda I got at the student center before the meeting today for dinner was 6.66. Damn everyone must really think that I am the devil now espicaly my old sorority haha. I laughed too hard in the irony in that, but the meeting was pretty fun we talked about channeling energy and stuff. 

So yeah I feel like i’ve been runnign all day honestly cause i’m not just stopping and relaxing and get to do my homework now. 

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XL top hat needs to be rebuilt 48k miles.
Performance Fronts 150 miles.
Slam Shocks 8k miles.
Double Bellow Rear 48k miles.
Digital V2 3/4 Lines.
4g Tank.

$1680 Shipped w. XL.
$2080 Shipped w. Performance.
$850 Shipped Performance.
plus PayPal Fee’s or Gifted. (at Hurlburt Field Air Force Base)

Nov 8 2014 - Kilophile Open (weightlifting)

Nov 8 2014 – Kilophile Open (weightlifting)

Competition: Kilophile Open

Ok, so this one is for weightlifting and I know we are (obviously) more of a Crossfit Gym, BUT just in case anyone is interested in getting into the olympic Weightlifting scene and competing (or coming out to check out a compeition) here are the detaisl

Who should do it
– Anyone who is comfortable with their lifts (doesn’t have to be heavy, but you should feel confident…

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Bournville Lunchtime Concerts

Friday September 19 from 1.00 - 1.40pm

Thomas Abela (guitar)

at Bournville Friends Meeting House, 65 Linden Road, B30 1JT

Admission free, retiring collection to cover performers’ fees and expenses.

Soup, bread and cheese lunch from 12 noon.

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Last Day to Submit to @scruffycomedy

Today is the last day to submit to the 2014 Scruffy City Comedy Festival.  For more information, go here»

Don’t feel like clicking quite yet?  Here is some info about the festival.

Scruffy City Comedy Festival

  • First year Comedy Festival in Knoxville, TN
  • Produced by Matt Ward (Cape Fear Comedy Festival/Knox Comedy Live)
  • 30-40 comedians will be accepted to perform
  • Acceptance Announcement will happen at or before September 15th
  • Festival performers will get more than just stand-up performance opportunities
  • $20 submission fee covers one year membership to
  • Comedians will be given a discount link for lodging or given couches/beds/floors to crash on by local comics.
  • Festival week is November 4th-8th, main festival occurring on Friday and Saturday November 7th and 8th, 2014.
  • All shows are walking distance from one another

Ok, enough of all this, Submit Now»

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