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performance by jesus papichulo

so i had  a party to go to last night and I’m just  getting around to looking at the SM town fancams and pics and I have some things to say

  • but seriously i actually cried when i saw they gave hyoyeon her /own/ dance solo- mind you it was a semi-recycled dance routine but that seems typical of SM by now. Besides Hyoyeon looked damn sexy
  • when she ran her hand over her mouth in the solo it was like i relived my lesbian crush all over again in that one moment
  • Luna also earned crush points with her solo. She was killing it- literally. I thought she was going to leave and beat the shit out of someone she was so strong and fierce
  • SEOHYUNS SOLO OMG. yas little goguma. You sexy sweet potato. I seen your stiff but strangely alluring body rolls. the fact that she bowed a tthe end too omfg
  • key and fanys perfomrance was cool too but i feel like the song was a bit random. Also i swear tiff has worn that dress like four times before. or im just making that up
  • I saw Hyoyeon and shinee moments. yeee
  • to make a long story short, I honestly think this SMtown conert is what I’ve been waiting for for a while now- it doesnt make up for how slow this year has been for hyohunnies, but its a goddamn good start!