Today is a very special day for me. Exactly one year ago, my crush decided to kiss me while we were making Ereri gifs together. That moment was the beginning to one of the best years of my life.

Eva, Hjärtat, I love you for everything you are and I love you for everything I become when I’m with you. You are the best I have, and I’m the best I can be when I’m with you. You make loving you easy, you make life seem easy, you make me want to live life to its fullest, together with you!  I’m so grateful for that haste kiss last year, It was the first of many perfect kisses with you.

 Jelsa Week - Day 2: Around the World || Andalusian Spring

Spring holiday in Seville, ‘cause why not? Love season in a passionate land ;)  OLÉ!! 

Please do not repost anywhere else!! I beg of you D:



We know Anna is a natural  or maybe she drank a lil too much rebujito