Self-pity uses a surprisingly large amount of energy;
I wish I could explain how it hurts to get out of bed
but it’s one of those things you can’t understand
unless you’ve felt it.

We are not lazy. We are not bored.
We do not lack passion;
We lack life
but not want of life -
there’s a difference.

Now, I’ll leave you to imagine all the ways in which I could be your version of better:
there’s a letter lying on the floor that
I should have sent a week ago.

Maybe one day I’ll stitch myself up to create something
mildly resembling something useful
and get everything done well, and - more importantly - in time.

But for now? Well, time flies when you’re miserable as hell.

—  The Curious Effects of Sadness - G.R. (

If there is anything you guys see that you think could use a bit more defining/cleaning up/changing (head only) please let me know! (the eye is not done, I deleted what I had previously in case anyone was confused about what is happening there)

Having other people’s opinions will really help me because I will literally work on this forever and still think there are things wrong with it.

Things that make me cringe.
  • Me:Is that the color file folder you needed? You told me blue.
  • Receptionist:This is blue.
  • Me:That's teal.
  • Receptionist:I just need any kind of blue. We don't care.
  • Me (to myself):Well I do. Teal is not blue. It is a green-blue color. On the color wheel it is between green and blue. IT IS NOT BLUE.
  • Me (in email to boss):Please order those teal file folders from Amazon[I don't have access to this account ].
  • Am I the only one that would feel wrong seeing files that are supposedly organized with colors that don't match?! I would spend more money to make everything match. It's just not ok.