Perfectionism may look good in his shiny shoes but he’s a little bit of an asshole and no one invites him to their pool parties.
—  ZeFrank (An Invocation for Beginnings)

Weeks Four and Five: Sketch a Day this May, Finale.

It’s been such an intense and rewarding month. The exercise has definitely honed my process and skills but has always helped reveal a lot of bad habits. It’s been a battle but I feel the healthier for it. I’m sure I’ll feel even better after some rest as well :)

This has been daily exercise to build immunity to perfectionism. ‪#‎maysketchaday‬


For Dou Hong’s Gemsona Contest! 
This is a fusion of his two gems Diamond + Chrysoberyl.= Golden Tourmaline. :) 
The other pictures are a bunch of intense concepts I came up with for this contest as I couldn’t let go of my perfectionism and just draw something straight out, I had to research and think about it alot. I’m going to try and do the other ideas I came up with too but this will be my first entry. 

  • Me:*has animation ideas*
  • Me:*has video game ideas*
  • Me:*has character design ideas*
  • Me:*has story ideas*
  • Me:*has commissions to do*
  • Me:*has bills to pay*
  • Me:*has depression and anxiety and perfectionism issues and is generally indecisive as is*
  • Me:this is fine

sogeekyithurts asked:

When playing games do you stick to the rules no matter what or are you flexible? I've been playing pandemic with my 7 year old and we've cut a few corners so she will enjoy it. My perfectionism feels like it's cheating, but her enjoyment has me changing the rules

The important thing is that you’re playing games with your daughter. She’s going to remember that she got to play games with her parent, and she isn’t going to care if a rule was bent or changed in the process.


Week Three: Sketch a Day this May!

Week Three was interesting and tended towards more focused work and process than usual. Towards the end of the week I stuck to only one painting a day and tried to make it work. Again, not the usual. I’m learning a lot this month :)

Daily exercise to build immunity to perfectionism; join in! ‪#‎maysketchaday‬

My favorite things about your sign (from the point of view of a judgmental libra)
  • ♈Aries:y'all balance me! Yes aries! My BFF is aries, we have so much fun, I love your decisiveness and we calm each other and we help each other be better.
  • ♉️Taurus:love your loyalty and down to earthiness. #nodrama and I love that.
  • ♊️Gemini:I know Gemini is really misunderstood but I love you, y'all are the smartest and most interesting, you challenge me and keep me entertained.
  • ♋️Cancer:we can get so sweet and warm and real together. Gimme a call let's have a catharsis.
  • ♌️Leo:OK tbh y'all do way too much but I respect your style. You're always looking fly.
  • ♍️Virgo:your perfectionism can give you a real interesting quirky thing. Virgos can be really funny! But not always in a laughing-with-you way. Sorry.
  • ♎️Libra:we're the only signs that are even human beings. Like wtf is everyone else even doing? Thank god for us.
  • ♏️Scorpio:sexy af
  • ♐️Sagittarius:Sagittarius gives me butterflies. Please love me
  • ♑️Capricorn:caps get shit done on such a level, I honestly can't believe what a Capricorn can get done in like 2 minutes. Respect.
  • ♒️Aquarius:Aquarius is so funny! What even goes on in your brain??? I'm kind of obsessed with everything you say you magnificent weirdos
  • ♓️Pisces:rihanna is a Pisces