I am Ridiculously excited!!!!!!!

I will NOT let my eating disorder prevent me from having the most KICK-ASS 18th birthday ever! I fucking deserve it! I am going to drink without fear of the calories. Without the worry that I am no longer acting as the ‘perfectly-good and innocent’ girl that my Anorexia has trained me to believe that I have to be.

I am ALLOWED to have fun. I am ALLOWED to act like a normal teenager. (I am allowed to maybe go for my 2nd kiss with my boyyyy…..!!!!)


                                       “Perfectionism is a self destructive and
                                        addictive belief system that fuels this
                                        primary thought: If I look perfect, and
                                        do everything perfectly, I can avoid or
                                        minimize the painful feelings of shame,
                                                   judgment, and blame.” 

The plot: 

Down in Texas, there is a rehab facility plus beauty spa. Its name is Terra Silver rehab facility and spa. It’s beautiful, luxurious, and gives some of the most satisfied and happy customers… but there’s always another side to a pretty scene isn’t there? behind the closed doors of the place, there is a secret business going on. One that deals with satisfying the pleasures of men and sometimes women. Some employees have no idea what goes on behind the curtains but some employees.. that’s just how they earn a little extra cash. Welcome to Terra Silver. A Four star spa and secret prostitution ring. They have the most beautiful women (and sometimes men) there for your everyday needs; both in your beauty care and sexually. Married men and women come to the sex spot for many various reasons. Reasons only they know. But what will happen when the discovery is revealed? Will it tear families apart? Can the friendships be repaired once an act of betrayal has been committed?

Additional information: 
  • Loosely based off The Client List but you don’t need to have seen the flim or series to join.
  • Any plots you want to do, don’t have to be ran by mod! Please by all means, plot to your little heart’s content. 
  • Not everyone knows of the side business happening in Terra Silver.
  • The building is quite large. Enough for two businesses. One half the rehab facility where the psychologists, specialists, etc are and the other half being the spa where the luxury resides along with the secret side business. 
  • People in rehab (for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, whatever) are only allowed to be at Terra Silver Spa for a short period of time before returning back as the rules state in the facility. 
  • Your character doesn’t necessarily have to be in rehab or an extra! They can have jobs outside the building too such as a lawyer, cop, etc to add to drama. 
  • All fandoms welcomed! Even OCs.
  • No duplicate FCs. If it’s canon, they can look alike or be related somehow (that’s up to the players) 
  • As usual, no OOC drama. At all. It can be caused for removal of your role and withdrawal from the group. IC drama? Yes please!
  • NSFW will occur so I ask you be 18 or older. Please don’t lie about your age either. 
  • Biographies are required. All I’m looking for is a little background for your character and of course why they are in the profession of being a client, extra or job they are serving outside of Terra Silver. 
  • Tracking the tag: v: the client list

If you’re interested in joining please submit the following to Me: Name, Age, Job (if your character is one of the ‘extra’s’ aka prostitutes at the spa), Rehab patient (please also list what addiction) and or a client. 



  • Caroline Forbes — [ 21 — Extra  fiercelyinsecure​ ] [ Biography ]
  • Lexi Branson — [ 22 — Rehab specialist  bonjoviqueen ] [ Biography ]
  • Tatiana Petrova — [ 22 — Extra  pumpkinpetrova ] [ Biography ]
  • Allison Argent — [ 22 — Extra guardianofwolf ] [ Biography ]
  • Elena Gilbert — [ 21 — Extra hiswxrriorprincess ] [ Biography ]
  • Aubrey Danison ( OC Ashley Greene FC) — [ 21 — Extra demonicwitch ] [ Biography ]


anonymous said:

Hi I'm an INFJ and I feel like I have to be perfect and please everyone all the time. I want to perform good in everything, from school to sports and I am very pressured and get easily anxious. I also have control issues. Is this normal for an INFJ?

Many INFJs have problems with strong perfectionism. But I also think that the problem lies within society and the school system. So many teenagers and young adults feel an extreme pressure to excel at everything they do, and it leads to the mentioned anxiety and stress.

You don’t have to please everybody all the time. You don’t have to be perfect. One thing I realized when I graduated from school was that I had often beaten myself up about things that didn’t matter. My graduation certificate does not show whether I had an A, B or C on that physics test in my second year.

– Hana

Lani (upon making this account): This is so stupid, this will be so much fun. Look at this ridiculous creature. He will be fabulous and nothing will hurt.

Amduscias: So have I told you about my complexes, issues, insecurities, crippling paranoia, toxic perfectionism and utter disconnection from reality?

Lani: chill.

We praise people for being “naturally” smart, too, “naturally” athletic, and etc. But studies continue to show, as they have for some time now, that it is generally healthier to praise schoolchildren for being hardworking, than for being naturally gifted. We know now that to emphasize a child’s inherent ability places pressure on that child to continue to be accidentally talented, which is something that is hard for anyone to control. When the children who are applauded for their natural skills fail, they are shown to take the failure very personally. After all, the process of their success has always seemed mysterious and basic and inseparable from the rest of their identity, so it must be they who are failing as whole people. When students are instead complimented and rewarded for their effort and improvement, they tend to not be so hard on themselves. When they fail, they reason, “Well, I’ll work harder next time.” They learn that they are capable of success, rather than constantly automatically deserving of it, and they learn simultaneously that they are bigger and more complex than their individual successes or failures.
—  Kate of Eat the Damn Cake, The Stupidity of “Natural” Beauty (x)
Perfectionism is a self destructive and addictive belief system that fuels this primary thought: If I look perfect, live perfect, and work perfect, I can avoid or minimize criticism, blame and ridicule, the painful feelings of shame, judgment, and blame. All perfectionism is, is the 20-ton shield that we carry around hoping that it will keep us from being hurt
—  Brene Brown
Perfectionism: Making Yourself Sick

For more posts like these, go visit psych2go<br /> Psych2go features various psychological findings and myths. In the future, psych2go attempts to include sources to posts for the for the purpose of generating discussions and commentaries. This will give readers a chance to critically examine psychology. 

“Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order.” – Anne Wilson Schaef

“Perfectionist”. We’ve all heard the word.

But what does being a perfectionist mean?

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@ TD Garden, Boston | 07/03/2012

“When I was twenty-one, I had my tonsils removed. I was one of those people who got strep throat every few minutes, and my doctor finally decided that I needed to have my tonsils taken out. For the entire week afterward, swallowing hurt so much that I could barely open my mouth for a straw. I had a prescription for painkillers, though, and when they ran out but the pain hadn’t, I called the nurse and said that she would really need to send another prescription over, and maybe a little mixed grill of drugs because I was also feeling somewhat anxious. But she wouldn’t. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She told me her supervisor was at lunch and that I needed to buy some gum, of all things, and to chew it vigorously—the thought of which made me clutch at my throat. She explained that when we have a wound in our body, the nearby muscles cramp around it to protect it from any more violation and from infection, and that I would need to use these muscles if I wanted them to relax again. So finally my best friend Pammy went out and bought me some gum, and I began to chew it, with great hostility and skepticism. The first bites caused a ripping sensation in the back of my throat, but within minutes all the pain was gone, permanently.

I think that something similar happens with our psychic muscles. They cramp around our wounds—the pain from our childhood, the losses and disappointments of adulthood, the humiliations suffered in both—to keep us from getting hurt in the same place again, to keep foreign substances out. So those wounds never have a chance to heal. Perfectionism is one way our muscles cramp. In some cases we don’t even know that the wounds and the cramping are there, but both limit us. They keep us moving and writing in tight, worried ways. They keep us standing back or backing away from life, keep us from experiencing life in a naked and immediate way.”

— Anne Lamott, “Perfectionism,” Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life