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prompt: first time maks sees meryl skate in person. prompts: seeing meryl (/charlie) have a bad fall. prompt: meryl sassing a sexist interviwer and maks being proud

He doesn’t know what’s more beautiful - seeing her dance or seeing her skate.

He just knows that the power her small body produces is incredible, the passion on her face breathtaking, the fluidity and grace with which she moves awe-inspiring.  

And he observes her and Charlie glide, jaw slack.  She is so magnetic that he could watch her forever and never tire, never get bored.

He decides that it seeing her lose herself in something she loves that it most beautiful.

She spins, moves her arm in front of her as she looks up to the sky, exhaling slowly.  She looks like an angel, or a perfect porcelain doll.

She looks like Meryl.

He decides it is she that is most beautiful.

 *        *        *

He runs out onto the ice, slipping and sliding but getting to her eventually.  He hears someone run over to Charlie, so he focuses completely on her, bending over to stare into her face.

Her eyes are closed.

“Baby?” he whispers, wanting to shake her, wanting to touch her, but being afraid he would hurt her.  “Baby, wake up.  Open your eyes.”

She doesn’t.

And he sees every moment with her flip through his brain, like pictures in a scrapbook.  He panics, because they end so quickly.  He needs more time with her, damn it, because this can’t be it, this can’t be over.

He just got her.

“Baby,” he cries, tears streaming down his face.  “Please wake up.  I can’t lose you.  Wake up for me.”

Her eyes fly open. And the most profound sense of relief washes over him.

‘Maks,” she whispers hoarsely.

“I’m here, baby. Don’t move.  Doctors are on their way.  It’s all going to be okay.”

 *        *        *

“I’m glad to see you standing up for yourself.”

“What, that interview? I was just sick of being asked questions about my relationships while Charlie gets asked about future plans and projects and stuff.  It’s annoying.  So I said something.”

“Still, it’s nice to see. You might have not done that not that long ago.”

“You’ve helped me with that, you know.”


“Yeah.  You taught me how to advocate for myself more, how to speak up when I think something isn’t right.  It’s…thank you for that, Maks.  It means so much.”

“It was all you, princess, always.  I just got to watch as you grew.“