The Perfect Porcelain Doll: Yuzuru Hanyu

Men’s Competitor
Look at that face. He’s like a perfect (not-creepy) little porcelain doll. Like a flawless bundle of adorable joy. You can’t help but love him. Then he acts all loving with Javi and carries around his Winnie the Pooh Kleenex box cover everywhere (the Twitter link above is actually for his kleenex box cover’s feed) and your heart absolutely melts. Plus he has such an infectious smile! I once did a whole blog post on his cuteness. Yuzu is a rockstar in Japan and as a result Justine’s views on her figure skating blog always skyrocket when she writes about him.

After winning Olympics and Worlds last season Yuzu has had a number of injuries and setbacks. At his first competition of the season he collided with another skater on warm-up [….]. But, like the champion he is, he insisted on competing…with a head bandage. He then underwent abdominal surgery in December, only to sprain his ankle when he was finally able to train again. He comes into this year’s Worlds with only 3 solid weeks of training.

(On Yuzu and Javi:)

The training-mates and top world competitors are the cutest bffs…here’s what Javi has said about it:
“With Yuzu, we are everything. We are friends. We are teammates. At some point we have to be rivals. It’s like having a wife. Your wife is your friend. Your wife is your everything but it depends on the time. When we are on the ice we are competing against each other but when the competition is done we are friends again and we work together again.”


{{ i choose and decide rose’s verses and who she is by how her character is. She’s not special, she’s not totally outcasted. She’s a civilian kind of character that sticks out for doing what she thinks is right. She’s not powerful, she’s not gifted with any sort of ability, she’s a stand out normal person that everyone has embodied to be this perfect porcelain china doll because that’s how she was raised. She’s the rebel who goes against all odds because her heart is so convinced she’s right for doing what she wants. She’s the girl who shows & proves herself to be more than what everyone has expected of her. She’s the pretty princess who’s ready to get down in the dirt if that’s what it takes. She’s the girl willing to die if her heart doesn’t want to keep going & she has nothing to keep her going. She’s the girl who thinks rashly and is mostly right with her decisions but there are some incidences where what she does fucks everything up. She’s the girl who pushes against the crowd because her heart doesn’t agree with the ideals of the norm. She’s not special in a lot of her verses, because I made her that way. }}

no one is this perfect porcelain doll that they want to be. everyone is flawed, everyone has their problems, we all have different ways of dealing with it. great and good. good and bad. bad and worse. it doesn’t make us any less of a person, but no one person will ever be perfect. the sooner you realize that and accept it, the better. and the sooner you stop judging people for how they deal with things and actually try and help, the sooner things get better for everyone

My Body

My body is imperfect.
The shift in weight and size I’ve experienced throughout my years have left stretch marks here and there.
Who made it ugly to have such marks? Who?
I am clumsy, I am rough, I am unladylike in my movements.
Scars decorate my body some self-inflicted, some a result of scraping jagged rocks and sharp branches while maneuvering through hiking terrains, while some are accidents from my attempts of being a domestic goddess.
Who made it ugly to have these scars?
Why must women be perfect porcelain dolls free of any marks?
Why do mothers tell their daughters that such marks are ugly?
Why are scars celebrated in men but ugly when women possess it?
This is my body. These are my scars.

I’m not your perfect porcelain doll || Self para
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