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It’s Grilled Cheese month!

Avoid Dishes and Make a Grilled Cheese with an Iron:

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How to Make Caramelized Shallots: 3 ingredients, 30 minutes, plus 10 ways to use them. They are sugar-free, gluten-free, and can be made vegan. Perfect for salads, sandwiches, tacos, and so much more at Modern Granola.

10 Ways to Use Caramelized Shallots:
Use in salads or salad dressings
Garnish soups
Spread in sandwiches
Add them to your cheese tray
Serve with meat, fish, or tofu
Fold into biscuits or bread
Stir into hummus
Toss in with roasted vegetables
Add to your frittatas, omelets, or scrambles
Sprinkled on tacos or quesadillas


The only things that should be changed would be to have the pickles be either gourmet, organic, natural or kosher pickles rather than just any old Vlassic pickle; also to change the generic chicken to either quail, dove, cornish hen, pheasant, partridge, or pigeon (For a more “bird on the window” feel); and lobster broth/stock/juice to either dip the sandwich into or dress on the sandwich (Ala oil and vinegar).

Otherwise, this recipe is spot on.


This is the fucking funniest thing ever to me.

Had the best sandwich today but didn’t take a picture because it looked squeezed in my lunch bag. I’ll happily describe it for you though. I threw together everything I had and oh that was a brilliant idea.

- Coriander and lime humous
- 1/3 of an avocado in little pieces
- Some chopped paprika and onion bits
-Italian tomato bruschetta relish dip thing