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Tom's Top 10 Pizzerias of 2014!

Here they are, the ten best pizzerias I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time this year:

10. Casella’s Pizza & Deli - Succasunna, NJ


A deli on Route 10 that also serves unexpectedly good pizza!

9. La Bella Pizzeria - Garfield, NJ


That’s right. They have square neapolitan and it’s delicious. More delicious than the round.

8. Heights Pizza - Hasbrouck Heights, NJ


It’s been a minute since I’ve gone to Heights Pizza, but I remember loving their plain slice. Simple, but exactly what you expect from a slice of pizza.

7. Two Boots Pizza Restaurant - New York City


The first pizzeria I’ve been to in NYC that deserved a perfect score. How could they not though when they have a slice named after Seinfeld?!

6. Manco & Manco Pizzeria - Ocean City, NJ


Since I’ve been going to Mack’s for years I couldn’t put it on this list. Instead, I’m going with it’s Ocean City clone. I’d be pissed they had the same pizza if it wasn’t so fucking good.

5. Gencarelli’s Pizza & Restaurant - Pine Brook, NJ


I never thought I’d find a pizzeria in this neck of the woods since I’m always gunning for the Wawa down the street, but holy shit. Worth checking out over Wawa at least once in your life. That’s saying something.

4. Frank’s Pizza - Warwick, NY


I don’t expect much from “upstate” pizza, but this Frank’s is one in a million, offering possibly the best pepperoni slice I’ve ever had.

3. Pizza One - Wayne, NJ


The best slice of pizza on Route 23. You wouldn’t expect much with a name like “Pizza One,” but it’s legit good enough to earn that name.

2. KRUSTco - Long Branch, NJ


Now this is shore pizza. KRUSTco has a taste all its own that you NEED TO EXPERIENCE.

1. Mr. Bruno’s Pizzeria & Restaurant - Lyndhurst, NJ and East Rutherford, NJ


My favorite slice of pizza in New Jersey. The grilled chicken vodka parm from Mr. Bruno’s is unmatched in taste. If you like pizza, you need to experience this slice.

What was your fave slice of the year???



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