percy jackson and the olympians

Nico and Will both completely losing control of their powers when they get worked up is one of my favorite things.

Especially since Nico is bound to accidentally shadow-travel them both to China at some point in the middle of it.


Art by me


I found this buried in a bunch of old files and since my tablet is broken right now, I may as well upload it. xD

ANYWAYS Pirate!Nico

I think this was supposed to be for my Reigniting the Oracle Solangelo fic, but it never made it into chapter three


Art by me


Solangelo Fic(For Nico's Birthday)

Nico woke up in the middle of the night, hearing a rock hit his cabin window. He grumbled while getting out of his bunk, and swept aside his black-out curtains. Outside the window was, Will Solace, with messy blond hair, a wrinkled green nurse’s scrub shirt, jeans, and red converse. He looked tired, with deep bags under his eyes, but they seemed to disappear when he flashed a sunny grin at Nico.

“What do you want?” Nico snarled out as he was not someone that took kindly to being woken up early. Will’s smile continued, as he knew Nico had a lot of moodiness, and had learned to deal with it.

“You want to come out for a walk along the lakeside?” whispered Will as to try not to wake anyone at the camp.

“And why would I want to do that at 4 o’clock in the morning?” asked Nico grumpily.

“Come on, di Angelo, just humor me while I still have a small break from playing doctor.”

“Fine,” Nico said, shutting the window. 

He quickly pulled off his button down skull pajamas, hastily pulling on a skull and cross bones shirt, black jeans, and black converse. He briefly looked in the mirror, at his mess of black hair, and pale skin, sighing at his inability to fix it. A small tinge of pink came to his cheeks when he realized what he was doing. Why did he care how he looked for Will of all people? Giving up on making himself look any better, he went outside. 

Will launched into a long tirade of how overworked and tired he was. The season was changing from Fall to Winter and with that Flu season began. Apparently even demigods weren’t immune to getting sick. The whole infirmary was full of sick camp goers, and the responsibility fell mostly to the Apollo cabin. Will hadn’t slept in days.

“If you’re so tired, why didn’t you take a nap during your break, instead of bothering me?” asked Nico.

“I just felt like taking a walk to clear my head a bit.” said Will casually.

“Yeah, sure” Nico replied sarcastically.

Will laughed and ruffled Nico’s hair, like he was a little kid. Nico hated being treated like some kid brother. He wanted to be on equal terms as friends. He batted off Will’s hand, trying to smooth down his hair a bit. He still didn’t understand why people wanted to hang out with him at all in the first place. Being a son of Hades, he had been shunned by the majority of the other campers for years. After helping bring back the Athena Parthenos, he expected all of the credit to be laid at someone else’s feet, but people actually acknowledged his effort for once. He wasn’t sure he liked all of this attention he was garnering though.

Will had tons of friends and was well liked by almost everyone, so why would he want to hang out with a gloomy let-down. It was hard to not get his hopes up.

“What are you thinking about so hard over there?” asked Will.

“Nothing,” said Nico glancing down at his feet.

“That face wasn’t nothing. I thought we were friends, friends don’t hide stuff from each other.”

“That’s just it though. Why would you want to be friends with someone like me in the first place?” Nico asked with anguish in his voice.

“Why wouldn’t I be friends with you?” asked Will, hurt crossing his face.

“Because I’m a son of Hades. I deal with dead things, and you deal with the living. We’re complete opposites, that in no way should have become friends.”

“I don’t care about any of that, Nico! Damn the Gods if I can’t be with someone that I like. I like you, Nico. I really really do.”

“Don’t say things like that. I only ever get my hopes up, and then they get crushed immediately.”    


“You’ve heard about me right? I’m sure it’s been whispered around about how much of a freak I am. The thing with cupid, and Perc-” Nico’s voice cracked on his name. He thought he was over all of this, but he was starting to realize how much he cared about Will, and didn’t want a repeat of what had happened before.

“Nico, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Nobody at camp would spread awful things about you.” Will said softly, putting his hand on Nico’s arm. It was slapped away just a quickly.

“I’ll enlighten you then, about how despicable I am. I’m not only a son of Hades, but I’m Gay too! The lot I was given in life was to be an outcast. I bet you’re disgusted now, so I don’t blame you if you never talk to me again.”

Nico didn’t know why he seemed to be trying to drive Will away. He was just so scared of losing him, the words wouldn’t stop pouring out of his mouth.

Will pulled him towards a hug, Nico trying to push him away with limp arms.

“Please don’t talk about yourself like that. It’s okay.” Will said calmly.

“No, it’s not! It’s not okay, and it never will be. I can’t believe I let myself like someone again. I hate-” Nico was cut off as Will forcibly pulled him into an embrace, and kissed him hard on the mouth. At first Nico resisted, but then he gave into the sweet warmth of Will’s lips. When Will pulled away there was a radiant grin on his face. Nico looked away his face completely red.

“I told you it was okay,” Will said with a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

“You bastard,” Nico said punching Will’s arm, still looking away from his face. Will took a tight grip on Nico’s hand, and began to quickly drag him onto the beach.

“What are you doing?” asked Nico annoyed.

Will just sent him a small smile, and when they reached the beach he pointed towards the horizon.

“Just watch.”

A few sun rays began to gradually break through the early morning clouds, making the water on the lake glisten like a diamond. The sky illuminated shining through the darkness of night, turning shades of pink and orange.

“Wow. Beautiful.” The response slipped out of Nico’s mouth on it’s own. A small tear slipped out of the corner of his eye, but he wiped it away before Will could notice. He just felt so happy right now, holding Will’s hand, and seeing such a dazzling sunrise.

“That’s why I dragged you over here so fast,” said Will proudly. Being a son of Apollo, he could tell when the sun was supposed to rise and set.

“Thank you,” said Nico faintly.

“Did I really just hear the words thank you come out of your mouth, di Angelo?” asked Will feigning shock.

“Haha,” Nico said sarcastically.

Will leaned in close, and whispered in Nico’s ear, “I love you,”

Nico stumbled backwards, landing hard on the beach. Will chuckled while holding out a hand to help him up.

“Is it really that much of a surprise?”

“Yes, No, I mean-” Nico looked down embarrassed. “I love you too, idiot.” he said under his breath.

“Wow a confession and insult all in one. I like your style.”

“Shut up, Solace.” Nico replied.

“Well I was supposed to go back on duty a while ago, so I need to get back. Want me to walk you to your cabin?”

“No, I’ll be fine.”

Will gave him a quick peck on the lips, and ran off to the Apollo cabin, his golden hair shining in the sun.

When Nico got back, it was still fairly early, so he decided to climb back into bed. Thinking about all that had just happened, he fell asleep with a smile on his face.

I ran out of the infirmary, ripping my arm out of Will’s strong hand.  All I could think was that I had to get out of there; I couldn’t be in his presence any longer.  Blinking back tears, I ran and ran and ran and ran; not knowing or caring where I was going.  Somehow I made it to Zeus’s fist.  I slowed down at last, climbing up onto the ridge.  Sitting down, I felt the tears finally come.  Once they came, they didn’t stop.  It was below freezing, and the tears felt hot on my cheeks, and then froze.  Sitting there, I cried harder than I ever had all those nights alone in my cabin.  After several minutes, I had finally calmed down enough to realize that I was not alone in this clearing.  “Who’s there?” I called out, wincing when my voice sounded weak.  “Hello,” responded a deep voice.  I recognized it immediately.  “Leave me alone, Will,” I said.  “I don’t want to see you”.  I guess that wasn’t a clear enough message for him, because he only came closer.  As he came closer, I felt the temperature rise.  I leapt up, getting ready to run if I needed to.  “I’m serious, Will.”  Upon seeing that I meant what I said, he stopped moving closer.  “Can we at least talk about this?” he asked me.  “What is there to talk about?  You kissed me.  I……I’ve had experience with rejection and people not accepting me for who I am, and I don’t appreciate people playing with my emotions.”  I was so worked up, I didn’t even respond when he came closer.  He slowly reached me, and when I didn’t run, he grabbed my hands.  Instantly, they were no longer freezing.  With my hands enveloped in the strong, large hands of a natural archer, I looked up at him.  “Nico DiAngelo,” he said. “When I first laid eyes on you, I knew I was screwed.” I looked down, hurt.  Pulling my hands out of his, I was ready to leave.  “Will, I don’t know what I expected you to say, but-,” He cut me off by grabbing my hands again, “Let me finish,” he said firmly, meeting my eyes again.  “I know the Aphrodite kids are usually the ones who believe in love at first sight, but I have to say it seems pretty plausible to me now.  When you came to this camp after the war with the Titans, I know you didn’t feel like you fit in.  Everyone labeled you as a scrawny, emo teenager with a terrifying dad.  But I saw differently.  You do things to me that no human has ever been able to.  You make me crazy,” he said with a growl, making me blush.  “The way you bite your lip when you’re nervous,” I released my bottom lip, suddenly self-conscious.  “The way you get this little smile on your face when you’re listening to your favorite band.  I guess—Nico—what I’m trying to say, is that I’m head-over-heels in love with you.  I swear I would never play with your emotions.”  After this speech, I was left stunned and blushing.  “Well,” I said, trying to lighten the situation “when I checked into the infirmary I was expecting three days’ rest, doctor’s orders.  I guess it was all part of your evil plan to win me over, wasn’t it?”  He faked being hurt.  ”I’m insulted that you would think so low of me! Of course.  I was concerned for your health, though.  The risk of you fading was very real.  I am an adept healer, after all,” he said with a wink that made me blush again.  “So seriously,” I asked, “What does that make us?” Will’s smile shrank a little with apprehensiveness, “What do you want us to be?” he asked me, obviously concerned.  “I want us to be boyfriends.” I said, standing up onto my tip-toes and kissing him gently on the lips.  He was surprised, but obviously pleased.  Leaning back down, I could see the elation on his face at having gotten his wish.  I was elated too.  “Let’s get back to the infirmary,” I said, leading him by the hand.  “The other healers will be wondering where you went.”   As we started walking, I felt a genuine smile of pure happiness spread across my face for the first time in possibly weeks.  I noticed Will glance over at me and smile as well. In that moment, I wasn’t worried about anything that life could possibly throw at me.


            As we came in view of the camp, Will stopped walking.  I turned to him and his expression concerned me.  “What’s wrong?” I asked him.   “Are you sure we want to make our relationship public right now?” he asked me.  I thought about it briefly, “Yes,” I said.  I tried to lead him down the hill, and when he didn’t move, I turned around.  His expression remained unchanged.  “Honey,” I said, trying to get him to tell me what was wrong, “Talk to me,” He responded with a reassuring look.  “Nothing’s wrong.  I think I just need some time before we tell the world about us,” My smile disappeared, “Are you embarrassed of me?” I asked of him, sure I knew the answer.  “No!  Of course not!  It’s natural to take some time after a relationship begins before you tell everyone.”  “Okay,” I said, still a little dubious.  I dropped his hand and ran down to my cabin to take a nap and think.  I had felt so many emotions today, and I just needed to unwind.                     In the morning I was awoken by the warm glow of the sun.  I looked at my clock, and realized it was 1:00 in the morning.  The warm glow wasn’t the sun, but Will.  “Will?” I called out, still groggy, “What’re ya doin here?” “Shhh,” he replied, “I’m not supposed to be here,” “No dip, Sherlock,” I said, annoyed, “Why are you here?” “I wanted to make sure we are okay, you know?  I mean I’ve been through so much to get you, and I don’t want to lose you because of a failure to communicate.” I was touched by his caring.  “Well,” I said, “I agree.  What was really bothering me wasn’t you, but a previous experience.  Being homosexual isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and I’ve come to terms with it, but my previous partner didn’t want to let anyone else know of our relationship because he was embarrassed of me and his feelings.  I know you are very popular here, and I was worried that you cared more about protecting your reputation than our relationship.” Will responded by coming over and hugging me.  I am normally pretty adverse to touch, but Will just made me feel warm (literally).  “Nico, I thought I had made myself clear.  I love you and I would do anything to protect you and our relationship.  The reason I wanted some time was because I wanted to avoid the paparazzi.  You know how the girls would be fawning over us, and how we would be the gossip of the Olympus.  I just wanted to stay in our little bubble for a while.” “I understand,” I replied, “I just have one more question.  Why did you come in the middle of the night?”  “Oh,” he laughed, “I couldn’t sleep thinking about how you might have been mad at me.”  “I can’t believe how sweet you are,” I said, “I guess you and I are like the Yin and the Yang of Camp Half-Blood,” Will laughed, and I felt it resonate through his chest.  I couldn’t believe how happy I’d been this past day.  It was all moving so fast.  I don’t remember falling asleep again, but in the morning I awoke still in Will’s arms.  “Uh-oh,” I thought, realizing we had just broken one of the camp’s most fundamental rules.


            I just knew it’d be the talk of the camp if it got out that Will had slept in my bed.  There would be rumors, the counselors would find out, somehow Chiron or Mr. D would hear, and then we’d be kicked out of camp.  There isn’t a rule about two boys being in a cabin alone together, but I was sure that wouldn’t stop Chiron from expelling us.  After all, we spent the night together.  I felt bad waking Will, he seemed so peaceful and he was my source of heat, but he had to get back before any of his siblings noticed his absence.  I pried myself from his arms, and he stirred.  Groaning, he sat up, “Where am I?” he asked.  I smiled.  He was such a dork.  “The Hades Cabin,” I said.  “Oh yeah,” he said with a smile.  “What time is it?” he asked, rubbing his eyes.  “It’s 6:45 in the morning,” I said, choking back laughter.  For a son of Apollo, I thought he would be more of a morning person.  “I thought it was earlier than that,” he said.  “It’s so dark in here.  I need to get you an interior decorator for your birthday.”  “Okay,” I said, “But first you have to get back to your cabin before your siblings notice.  We don’t need a scandal.  That would certainly burst our bubble.”  “Okay, he replied, “I’ll leave.  If you don’t want me,” he then pulled a face like a kicked puppy, followed by a gleaming smile.  Wow, his teeth were white.  I swear, he looked like the stereotypical California surfer dude.  I loved it.  “Get out of here,” I joked, shoving him through the door.  He ran away, and I found myself staring.  Shaking my head, I turned around and went back into my cabin. 


            For the next week and a half, nothing new happened regarding our relationship or the fact that we had slept in the same bed.  We were careful not to be affectionate around other people, but I think Annabeth could tell we were together because of the way we looked at each other when we thought no one else was watching.  Nevertheless, we stayed in our happy little bubble.  Every night, Will would come to my cabin to check in with me, and he never got caught.  It became our thing.  However, through it all, I knew the peacefulness couldn’t last.  All the girls at camp kept flirting with him, and he did nothing to dissuade them.  It hadn’t mattered when we weren’t together, but now that we were it was just plain annoying.  Why didn’t he tell them he was gay? Did he enjoy the attention?  I was shaken out of the thoughts of my relationship by half of it himself.  “Hey,” Will said, walking into my cabin.  He didn’t even bother knocking anymore, which was a little annoying.  What if I was doing something I didn’t want him to see?  “What are you doing here?” I asked him.  “I wanted to talk,” he replied.  I felt a sense of dread.  Those were never good words to hear.  It was amazing how attached I’d grown to him over this past week.  If he was to break up with me for any reason my heart would literally be crushed.  “About what?” I asked casually.  “About us,” he said dramatically, trying to diffuse the tension.  “Okay,” I said, figuring that if he was making jokes, it couldn’t be that serious.  “I’ve been thinking,” he said, “I was thinking that maybe we should make our relationship public.  I’m ready to embrace everything about us, including the parts people see.”  I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.  However sweet he was, he could be unbearably cheesy sometimes.  He could still make me smile though.  “Okay,” I said.  “Are you positive? I mean we would never be able to go back into our little bubble again.”  “Hey,” he said, “you were the one who wanted to come out with it in the very beginning.”  I smiled and walked over to him, grabbing hold of his hand.  As we walked out, Will seemed to get tenser.  “You know,” he said “maybe we could wait a little longer before we tell everyone.  I mean we can never go back to this place, you know?” “Okay,” I said, slightly relieved.  “We’ll wait and you can just tell me when you’re ready.”  “Deal,” he said, kissed me briefly on the cheek, and ran down the other side of the hill.  I was content, but along with this feeling, also felt like he wasn’t being totally honest with me.  I thought I knew what it was too.  I shook my head and put it out of my mind.  It wasn’t good to make assumptions.  I ran down the hill to enjoy breakfast alone.  I like Will a lot, but sometimes I just need to be alone. 


            After a few more weeks of nothing new, I had made up my mind.  I was going to confront Will about this issue.  This time, I visited him in his cabin.  This was something new, he always came to visit me, not the other way around.  As I neared the door to his cabin, I slowed.  I could hear more than one voice.  I didn’t want to show up there without a reason with other people in the room, they might wonder what I was doing in the god of the Sun’s cabin of anything.  As I got even closer, I could hear that one of the voices was female and the other was Will’s.  My sense of curiosity grew.  The door was ajar.  As I peered in, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Drew Tanaka from the Aphrodite cabin was kissing Will against the wall.  This could not be happening.  Not Will.  He wouldn’t do this to me.  He cared too much about me.  He said it himself.  Lies, I thought.  I felt the tears come; like all those lonely nights in my cabin, only this time, I felt even more alone.  Will pushed Drew away and looked up.  He saw me.  I saw his face register my tears, my hurt, and he looked pained.  I didn’t care; he had done this to himself.  I started to run, vaguely registering his voice. I didn’t stop.  I ran farther than I ever had before, past the dining hall, past the Big House, past Zeus’s fist, past the boundaries of capture the flag.  I slowed down and finally stopped.  I sat down and curled myself into a ball.  There was only one thought going through my mind.  Hurt is better than loneliness.  Telling myself that, I rocked back and forth, waves of tears coming periodically.  I don’t know how long I stayed there, letting the tears flow, but at some point I fell asleep. 

            When I woke up in the morning, there was a blanket on top of me.  I thought I knew who had brought it to me, and that just added insult to injury.  I just decided to put it out of my mind and walk back to camp. 


Okay, before you judge me for hurting Nico, let me explain.  No one feels worse than I do, even though none of it was my fault.  I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.  I guess I’ll start from the beginning:


It all started when I first came to camp.  I was eleven years old, and scared.  Like many other campers, I had barely made it to camp, fighting all kinds of monsters and who-knows-what along the way.  When I got here, I hadn’t known anyone, and it took me a while to be claimed.  This meant I didn’t have any friends for a long time.  My only skill was healing, and you couldn’t exactly gain popularity by healing wounds.  Bottom line is, I’ve always had to fit in in order to have friends, and so coming out as gay was never an option for me.  Homosexual isn’t exactly the norm, sad but true.  The only thing I have going for me was my looks.  It seemed like the girls thought I was cute, so I went with it.  Then, during the Titan war, I became the leader of the Apollo cabin.  That most definitely helped me.  By that time, I had gotten a reputation as a player.  No girl had been able to satisfy me yet.  I really couldn’t come out then, I would lose all of my hard work.  So I’ve been closeted this whole time, and as it got longer and longer after when I could have first come out, I got harder and harder to do so.  I was ready to do so when Nico and I started dating, but I chickened out.  Then we just didn’t talk about it for weeks.  I could tell it had been bothering Nico when the girls at camp hit on me, but I thought he understood that I would never even consider dating them.  Drew especially had been trying to get together with me, I think only because she wanted me as a sort of trophy; the boy who wouldn’t stay with any girl, and the girl who broke every boy’s heart.  Anyway, she wouldn’t stop her advances, and it got to the point where she sexually assaulted me.  I was getting ready to go to dinner one evening, and I was the last one out of the cabin.  Just as I was leaving, she came into my cabin, wearing nothing but a revealing crop top and short-shorts.  She leaned against the door way sexily and said, “Hey, Healer,” I never thought those two words could sound so dirty.  I was obviously uncomfortable, and she was blocking my exit.  I decided to play it cool for now.  “Move, Drew; I’ll be late for dinner.” “Oh,” she said with a pout, “I was hoping you could help me out,” Her meaning was clear to me, and it made me even more uncomfortable.  I decided to throw caution to the wind and try to fight my way out.  I went for the surprise attack.  I barreled toward her, but she was expecting me.  With all the skill of a master of judo, she pushed me to the side, using my weight against me.  Shoving me against the wall, she pinned my wrists and shoved her mouth on mine.  I don’t know if she was trying to turn me on, but it just made me want to escape even more.  Suddenly, I saw a dark silhouette in the doorway.  I used my pelvis to push against her and break her contact to my lips.  Pulling my hands free, I shoved her off of me.  Then I got a better look at who was in the doorway.  It was Nico.  I registered his tears, and pain, and I winced.  I knew how bad this must have looked.  Then, Nico wasn’t at the door anymore.  Gosh, that kid was fast.  I ran from the cabin, leaving an angry Drew behind me.  I looked for Nico, but I couldn’t see where he had gone through the rain.  I decided to go eat dinner and get where people could see me, just in case Drew tried anything again. 


After dinner, I went and looked for Nico.  I thought I knew where I would find him.  I made it to Zeus’s Fist after a while and, upon seeing that Nico wasn’t there, kept walking.  I followed the trail of crushed leaves and made it to my boyfriend’s sleeping form.  Upon seeing his pale and tear-streaked face, I was overcome with emotion.  I laid my blanket that I had brought with me over him, and ran back to camp.  I was pained, knowing that he would hate it if I carried him back to camp or helped him in any way.  Arriving back at the Apollo cabin, I peered in to make absolutely sure that Drew wasn’t in there.  She wasn’t, and I walked over to my bunk and collapsed into a troubled sleep.


Nico POV:

In the morning, I decided to avoid Will.  I was over the sadness of the situation, I was used to sadness.  Now I was just angry.  How could he do this to me?  And have the nerve to lie to my face about how he cared about me.  I wondered how long this cheating had been going on.  I put the matter out of my mind for now.  It wouldn’t do to dwell on him.  I immersed myself in activities all day. I even took hand-to-hand combat.  I hate contact.  For meals I brought the food to my cabin.  Despite the fact that I had been clean for months now, I almost relapsed and cut again that night.  I made a decision then.  I could not sink back into that dark, black hole of depression again.   Who was I kidding? I wasn’t over the sadness.  But I wouldn’t let it overwhelm me.  I was going to talk to Annabeth.  She always gave great advice, and was a very understanding person.  I couldn’t wait, so I walked to the Athena cabin then, in the middle of the night. 


            I reached Annabeth’s cabin, shivering slightly in the night wind.  I walked around to the back of the cabin, reaching the window.  Conveniently, Annabeth’s bunk was right next to it.  I moved the latch up, and pulled open the window.  Reaching both arms in, I gently shook her awake.  She jolted awake, almost crying out.  Realizing where she was, and who I was, she refrained.  I gestured for her to follow me, and she climbed from her bed out of the window.  We walked a safe distance from the cabin, then she turned on me, “Why did you wake me up, Nico?” she asked, slightly annoyed.  “I needed some advice,” I said.  “About, you know,” I mumbled, “Will,”  “Oh,” she said knowingly, smiling a little, “I know,”  “Shut up,” I mumbled, embarrassed.  “I’m sorry,” she said, “What did you want advice about?”  “Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed that he and I haven’t been together lately.  I caught him making out with Drew in his cabin the other day.”  I expected her to be surprised, shocked, but instead she just grimaced.  “Yeah she said, “AndI think I know why, too.  The other day in the girls’ bathroom I heard Drew telling her posse that she was going to get Will to…..erm…..have intercourse with her if it was she last thing she did.  Maybe she forced him or something.”  “Oh,” I said, “That would make sense.  Will’s a fairly nonviolent person, and without his bow he can’t fight.  Drew would do anything to get her way.  I’m sure she could have taken him.” I sat there for about a minute, thinking about everything I had just heard. “Yeah,” Annabeth said, “Well, now that we’ve figured out what really happened, can I go back to bed?” “Yeah,” I said, “Sorry for waking you up, I just couldn’t wait any more.” “It’s okay,” she said, giving me a hug.  It felt warm, but not the same as Will.  She ran back to the cabin, vaulting over the window sill athletically.  I could see why everyone thought I had a crush on her for so long.  She was beautiful aesthetically, and a good friend, but I would never see her as more than that.  Feeling lighter, I ran back to my cabin.  As soon as I reached the door, my exhaustion hit me and I collapsed into bed.  I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. 

Will POV:

            The next morning, I sensed a change in Nico’s demeanor.  Instead of completely avoiding my gaze and ignoring me, he met my gaze once or twice and even smiled- maybe even apologetically?  This was completely new.  I wondered what had changed between yesterday and this morning.  However curious I was, I wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  After breakfast, it seemed safe to approach him.  I made my way over.  Even after the exchange this morning, I was surprised he didn’t immediately run away from me.  “Hey,” I said once I reached him.  “Hey,” he replied, cracking a smile.  “So, are you still mad at me, or is this a trick, or—,“ I was cut off when he enveloped me in a tight hug, “I’m sorry I didn’t trust you before.  I’ll never doubt you again.” I blushed, “Nico, everyone is staring at us,” I said, although I didn’t really care.  Nico made no response, and I just hugged him back.  “So are we back together, or what?  Because I hated being apart from you.”  Nico finally looked up at me, putting his chin on my chest adorably.  “Yes,” he said “yes, yes, yes.  I missed you too, even though I tried to convince myself I didn’t.  Will, I love you so much.”  I forget exactly what I did then because I was so very happy, but it was probably something along the lines of grinning like an idiot and acting like a dork in general.  Everyone in the camp that was at breakfast saw us, and they were either whispering among themselves or ‘ooh”-ing very audibly.  To break the ice, I peeled myself away from Nico and took a big bow.  Everyone laughed, and even Nico chuckled.  Suddenly, a group of people hoisted he and Nico up onto their shoulders and started carrying them down the hill.  I looked down and realized it was Clarisse and the rest of the Ares cabin.  “Hey Sunshine, you didn’t think you’d get out of it did you?  The camp rule is that all new couples must be thrown in the lake.”  I protested, but in reality I was happier than ever.  They threw us into the lake, and when we came up for air they all cheered.  Nico clung to me, (he had never learned to swim) and I treaded water for the both of us.  Nico laughed for real this time, and kissed me softly.  He tasted of lake water.  The camp cheered again.  We swam to the shore and they wrapped a towel around us.  We kissed some more and I heard someone shout, “Get a room, you two!”.  That wasn’t a bad idea.  I suddenly picked Nico up from behind his knees, carrying him like a new bride, and ran up the hill and across the camp.  I stopped running once I reached the Hades cabin, and spoke to Nico, who had his head nestled in the crook of my neck so it wouldn’t bounce around.  “Look how far we’ve come,” I said.  “Sure, we’ve hit some rough patches; but- in the words of Vergil- love conquers all.  The traditional act of carrying the bride over the threshold symbolizes our relationship, and our not-so-traditional relationship means that we can make our own traditions.  I love you and I’d do anything to keep you.” I stepped over the threshold dramatically and set Nico down.  I heard applause behind us and knew the whole camp was behind us.  The Aphrodite cabin would be talking about this for weeks.  Nico kissed me again and I was happier than ever.  Nothing mattered but us.


I’m on a FOREVER CLIFFHANGER of what happened that one time Nico sneaked into Percy’s apartment and just eyed his blue cupcake.

Anyways, I gave him one.

I also gave him a Jason because everyone needs Jason in their life.

I already uploaded a thing for Nico’s birthday, but I felt like I needed to sketch something up too because if anyone deserves it, it’s this guy. Happy birthday, Neeks!!


Art by me


Nico's Birthday

"Styx!" Nico mumbled to himself. Will had just passed by his cabin, loaded with cardboard boxes, dressed in what only the son of Apollo would think was ‘stealth mode’. Just like during the war against Gaea, Will was decked out in black jeans and a black shirt, with dark smears of paint spread across his face. And just like during the war against Gaea, Will had forgotten to cover his gorgeous mess of blond curls.

While normally Nico would be excited to see Will, he was always looking forward to see his boyfriend, today was not the day for that. Today was the worst day to see anyone he knew.

Today was Nico’s birthday.

Last year, when Gaea had been defeated and the camps had returned to normal, no one had remembered that the son of death actually had a birthday. Nico was content to stand awkwardly in the corner of someone else’s cabin, celebrating their birthday, but he had breathed a sigh of relief when January 28th arrived, and left, without anyone digging out a candle or a cake. He hated being the center of attention, and even imagining a group of people staring at him while singing “Happy Birthday” caused Nico to want to crawl into a deep, dark hole and hide.

A sharp cackle from outside brought Nico back to the problem at hand. The full moon hanging in the starless night sky illuminated Camp Half-Blood, displaying shadows of creeping figures and forms dashing from cabin to cabin, crashing the door open and waking up the sleepy campers inside. Nico guessed Will was in charge of that operation.

"Styx, Styx, Styx." Cursing, Nico turned to dig out a pair of black sweatpants and his favourite t-shirt, one Will had gotten him for Christmas. A black-and-white skull, with elegantly carved runes and lines etched into the surface, was circled by the blazing light of a bright sun. Pulling on his jacket as well, Nico was about to burst open his door, prepared to yell at all the campers to go home, don’t worry about him, don’t plan any big events, please.

But before he could do that, a whispered conversation drifted in through an open window, and Nico pressed himself against the door to hear it clearly.

Will he even like it? Does he even want this?”

"Of course he does, Will! He’s going to love it!"

Nico recognized the not-so-hushed voices of Percy and Will, and he realized they must be right outside his door. Were they planning on waking him up?

His understanding came too late, though; before he could move back, Nico’s door swung out from beneath him, and Nico tumbled forwards, crashing onto the little balcony in front of his cabin. The son of Hades felt his door smash into somebody, sending that person backwards and into the black rosebushes that encircled the Hades cabin with an oomph.

Groggily, Nico looked up from his spot on the ground and saw Percy, the son of Poseidon’s expression moving from worried to laughing. Reaching down, Percy grasped Nico’s hand and yanked the other boy up to standing.

"Dude, are you okay?" He asked in between spurts of laughter.

Straightening himself out, Nico raised his chin, attempting to hide his embarrassment. He began to say something in return, but a loud and melodramatic moan interrupted him.

From the bushes rose a tall, lanky figure Nico recognized as Will. Oh, no, Nico thought, as he realized that he’d launched his own boyfriend into a patch of black roses. Oh, Styx!

"Well," the son of Apollo articulated slyly, "that was…..unexpected."

Percy snorted, and with a casual shove, pushed Nico off the balcony and into Will’s awaiting arms. Nico landed in a tight embrace with his boyfriend, who pulled him in for a light kiss.

He remembered why the pair had been at his cabin in the first place, and reeled away before Will could advance on him any further.

"A birthday party?! Really?!” He whisper-shouted, not wanting to wake the other campers.

"Well, yeah." Percy said cheekily, a grin spreading across his face, "It is your birthday, isn’t it? How old are you now? Sixty-five?”

"Ninety-one." Nico muttered.

Will climbed up onto the balcony, offering Nico a hand. “Well then, old man. You should be sleeping right now. Get back in your cabin!”

Nico narrowed his eyes, not trusting either one of them. But he was tired, and all he wanted to do was go to sleep. Maybe with Will. Taking Will’s hand, Nico scaled the low balcony as well. He yanked the door open, eager to go back to bed.


Stunned, Nico froze at the sight of all of his friends huddled inside his cabin. There was Hazel, Frank, and Reyna, all the way from Camp Jupiter, and Piper, Leo, Jason, and Annabeth brandishing sparklers and….

"WHAT is THAT?" Nico yelped, pointing at the cake laid out on the black obsidian table. In the form of a skull, black and white icing spelled out HAPPY 78  85   91ST BIRTHDAY NICO.

"You like?" Jason asked, "Hazel did it, but none of us knew exactly how old you were until you told Percy."

"You were listening to that?"

"Well, duh! We snuck in while Percy and Nico distracted you." Leo answered, "But there was no juicy love scene between you and Will, which we all know is the only thing Piper is here for."

"No I’m not!" She screamed. "I’m here for you, Nico. Happy Birthday!"

The rest of the group echoed, “Happy Birthday!”

Cheering and laughter trickled out of the Hades cabin into the early hours of the sunrise, as January 28th began. Nico found himself relaxing and, incredibly, enjoying the party. He even allowed them to sing the birthday song as Leo lit fifteen candles into a flame, and when one candle was left after Nico tried to blow them all out, he claimed his one boyfriend with a kiss to Will.


Happy Birthday Nico! This one ended kind of weird, but I was on a deadline and had no creative juices left. (Yes, I said creative juices. Thank you, grade eight english teacher.) But anyway, thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

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Art by me