Sketch of the Day (September 15th 2014) - inspired by the lovely cliff rim that me and my mom perched upon on the edge of a little bowl valley in the wilderness yesterday by Christie Falls. Sitting there, I thought of how a falcolf like Anzi would love a place like that and how falcolfs would favour that kind of habitat, where they can perch on high then at will catch the wind drifts to soar into the sky. It’s certainly a falcolf’s preferred habitat and I couldn’t resist this image of Anzi perched upon a cliff rim like the one where my mom and I sat, viewing the secluded forested expanses below, not another human in sight, lichen covering the rough metamorphic rock of the cliff. I could almost hear the sounds of falcolfs keening over the wind and thought about how amazing it would be to see one fly up (not to mention terrifying.) On the cliff rim, falcolfs would be masters of the wind and not creatures to ever be betted against. It’s another place, such as in shallow water, where they are particularly dangerous ambush predators although being intelligent, they are strategic jacks of all trades - or, that is, hunting techniques to catch a wide variety of different prey successfully.

So, Anzi, looking back at Nick.

(Definately want to colour this one as it is nice and simple!)

Also, I intend for there to be lots of flying scenes in Dragon Knight, so behold this as wing practice haha. (I need to get better haha! :D ) This is to become the first fully coloured illustration for the story.

#30 - Perch LA

Seven months later and we have the last Top 30 post! Here we go!

On the 15th floor, PERCH is a French inspired rooftop bistro, bar & lounge that offers unobstructed views of DTLA. The location offers two outdoor fireplaces, various fire pits, and table seating both indoors and outside. As you may have guessed, the menu and drinks are pricy, but the wrap around views of the city are breathtakingly priceless. (21+ after 9:00pm)

Address: 448 S. Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90013