pepper design

Alright, so here’s the deal. 

A lot of inspiration for Pepper’s design came from Disgaea’s Raspberyl. 

So, I wanted to doodle Loli-Pepper wearing Beryl’s suit.. And.. Well.. I sort of over did it. 


Anywho, thank you Harada. Your work has always been a driving fuel for my creativity~ 

humshalelujah asked:

Once you get this, list 5 things that make you happy and then put this in the ask of 10 people who reblogged from you last.♥

1) Obviously my best friend, hayw00d-u-blow-me

2) My horses! All five of the (currently disgustingly dirty) beasts! (and all my animals, really)

3) Fishkeeping like ohhhh my gosh you have no idea it is not a hobby it is an addiction. I have a 20 gallon community tank with ember tetras, guppies, peppered cories, agassizi cories, and a clown pleco. That’s in the basement. Then, up in my bedroom, I have a divided 10 gallon with 2 bettas, Saturn and Nitro. I just picked up a free tank (including hood, light, gravel, and an undergravel filter i’m probably gonna sell because i prefer power filters) off the curb tonight too, so I’ll be dividing that eventually for two more bettas!

4) Roleplaying <3 Again, an addiction, not a hobby!

5) Coding and graphic design! I’ll be in a Bachelor of Information Technology focusing on multimedia and design come September, and I’m superrrrr stoked (and terrified, naturally) for it!

Bonus? Teaching :D

I find it funny that humans enjoy chemicals in foods and drinks that plants developed as pesticides…. Like Nicotine in Tobaco is a naturally occuring Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Agonist making pests that eat the plant get so over stimulated that their muscle convulse to death but due to humans very powerful detoxing because of our livers we get a buzz without it being lethal, Capsacin and Peperine from Chilli Peppers, and Black Pepper respectivily are designed to deter animals from eating it yet we get enjoyment out of eating them, another is caffeine, theobromine and other methylxanthines developed in coffea (Coffee Tree), camellia (Tea Tree), and theobroma (Cocao Tree) developed as a pesticide that overstimulates the predator by andenosine antagonism yet also due to humans fairly fast heptic function compared to a large proportion of the animal kingdom we also enjoy the buzz.