Our lives are all equivalent to candles, lit and left out in the open. We will experience change. Seasonal changes, where we will have to fight the elements to stay burning. Self changes, where things from that past will melt us away into our current state. We will experience record lows, in which our flames will be blown out. We will also experience immaculate highs, when our flames will burn strong and brightly for others to see. But also like candles, when there is no wick left, that is when life is done. The trials and tribulations of life as it is would only then be finished. Until that time, we should try our best to fight things that strive to put our flame out and do things that would make our candle burn bright. It is so that others may see the light and follow as you did.
—  Patrick Empleo,

The final project for my Art 206 course dealt with the concept of “Body in Crisis.” The original idea I had for this project was quitting smoking, but instead it turned into how smoking becomes a part of everything in a person’s life, from money to health.