pepelechew replied to your post: IF THE HOODIE IS SOLD OUT TAKE IT OFF THE SITE >:O

I’ve been so ticked at this website for the EXACT SAME REASON. ;.; I tried to buy my friends something around Christmas and they were already sold out of them but the items weren’t removed. And then they just leave them up there w/ no info. ;.; :( :(

I was originally a while ago supposed to buy a Hero of Heart hoodie along with a shirt but they were sold out of the hoodie so I went and bought troll shirts instead.

But now Im in need of a jacket and Im investing into a hoodie I would enjoy because its homestuck and it would be warm.

But now I have to wait a bit longer :C 

pepelechew replied to your post: There is nothing creative about half this crap. A lust for sex and violence doesn’t make one strange in a good way; it makes one only a bore incapable of enlightenment. There is more to life, more to unravel, growth and evolution that is possible for us.

Why do people offer this kind of crap response? If you don’t like the content, just unfollow the blog. And just to say: I’ve follow some questionable blogs that I’ve thought about unfollowing, but nothing you’ve reblogged has me questioning that.

You get a crap response for a stupid comment and like you said if somebody don’t like my blog he can unfollow me; btw the most time i dont reblog things i search them on my own and post them here :D

pepelechew replied to your posti kind of… don’t want to go to promstuck i mean…

Out of curiosity, what seems to be the drama ongoing right now? I don’t track atlantastuck or any variant of it and I’m completely out of the loop. ;.;

I’m not entirely sure myself, to be honest. There was some shit flown about the dress code, and there seems to be some weird sort of “mod elitism” thing. I don’t know, it’s dumb. I’m just gonna hang back from it all and quietly work on my cosplays.