Tali foam mask how to guide found

I found this blog by ascensionprops that shows how to turn a pepacura PDO of talis Helmet into a Foam Helmet. 

Here are some pictures from that post.




I was nervous about my ability to make Talis helmet, I feel much better now. I can trace and i can cut out shapes, playing with gue is fun also.

Now my first priority is to scale THIS file of Tali’s helmet down. I will save the document to PDF and print. If i can put the paper helmet on i should know if i got the size right and keep it on my wall as a trophy.

I will be looking for potential foam and glue supplies over the weekend and document my findings in a later post.

- - - PS: - - -

By the way the only place i could find the PDO files for Tali’s Helmet was a really doggy file share site. So i would recommend doing the download from a public computer unless you have a fantastic firewall and antivirus going for your Computer set up. 

Here are the files i’ve uploaded to my Google drive, I don’t know who made them but they are brilliant.

Tali helmet & Quarian male Helmet & ME3 Omni Tool