This is sad ,My Fam is Hebrew descendants of Israel Long time rivals and enemies , but it is crazy sad sad sad seeing how their killing these children,and how the U.S won’t step in due to being in pocket with Israel and Gaza have no natural resources like Iraq and Afghanistan meaning oil they can steal and drugs ,so it’s no need for The U.S to step in as they did for the Middle East meanwhile children are being slaughtered and blown up sad sad sad ,God don’t like Evil even if it’s his chosen people Peace starts from the ground up, don’t let them kill in your name.. #PeopleUnite #FreeGaza 🙏

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Another 28,000 dunums ( equivalent to about 0.25 acres ) have been seized in Palestine by Israel . File complains have been send to the UN and international institutions. Haaretz Israeli newspaper reported Tuesday that the so-called Israel’s civil administration announced the confiscation of 25,000 #dunums to build in the West Bank settlements in areas categorized as “strategic”. It added that 28,000 dunums were confiscated to build in 40 settlements; 13,000 dunums of the lands that were seized are located behind the Apartheid Wall and the rest of the lands are located east of the wall. #EndApartheid‼️ ❤️#FreePalestine💚✊🎭