I wore my Princess Sparklefist shirt to lab today. One of my students (a pretty typical young college dude) asked “Did you hear about the Captain Marvel movie?” and proceeded to quote the announcement. “The character has had many names. This Captain Marvel’s name is Carol Danvers.”
I admitted that “I’m so excited about it. Plus we get Black Panther!”

Later he told me about Project Thor, which is an orbital kinetic bombardment concept involving tungsten rods.
It’s pretty clear this guy is a gatekeeping nerdbro, but perhaps I can train some of that out of him.


Criminal Minds Meme

[1/7] Scenes

“Maybe he’s dislocating their body parts so that he can manipulate them himself […] If you add the dislocation, the holes in the hands, the strange clothing, and the odd make-up, I- I know this sounds crazy, but, what if our unsub is turning his victims into human marionettes?”


Brucas-Proposal Mix Ups (3x18-5x5)
“We’re gonna be a power couple, he’s gonna be a famous novelist and i’m gonna have a fabulous fashion line…but we’re still gonna have time to have a big family…two boys and a girl…and i’ll coach little league…ooh and i’ll bake treats for the team, or buy them…then we’ll spend our summer in our beach house…and winters in the south of France…it won’t matter where we are, as long as we’re together.”