I’ve always felt older than what I am. I have an old soul. I don’t mind being home alone, I don’t mind not going out and partying. I know you only live once blah blah, but guess what? This is how I want to live. I want to be asleep by 10 every night. I’m at a point in my life where I want to settle down and have a family. I respect people who still want to be out on weekdays partying so why can’t they respect my right to be in? I don’t mind being the boring chick. I like being lowkey, I like people not knowing what I’m doing. Im tired of people telling what I should be doing cause I’m young. I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives already, let me be.

people who don’t like gamzee but admit that caliborn and vriska (and arguably all of his friends) abused him and that it deserves to be acknowledged are people i can fucking respect honestly.

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Thank you for all your hardwork. sometimes it's hard to do this sort of thing without upsetting people but you do it well! I don't really get triggered but there are a lot of people who do. I respect people who take the time out of their lives to make other's easier.

we do our best!! thank you for your support.

- Mod F

So much fuss about a pair of tits…

Hinata had a generous bust for her overal size since her middle teens. After 2 pregnancies and breast-feeding for several months, of course it would grow more. And this:

is a realistic portrayal of it.

Half of the moms I’ve seen have a chest exactly like Hinata’s. 

Have you seen Karui in ch.700? She used to be the definition of flat chest but in the epilogue tadaaa:

It’s a natural result of motherhood, not turning a character into a sex object for fanboy’s squish.

Especially when Hinata doesn’t show an inch of chest skin in either of NH’s family photos.

Yes, Naruto wasn’t one to care about big breasts. But he still doesn’t. He obviously doesn’t care, when his wife buttons up her shirt up to her neck even in their own kitchen. 

So he once had a crush on a girl with small chest size. God forbid he develops romantic feelings for a girl who happens to have a big bust next. God forbid the animation team decides to subtly touch up the figure she’d been hiding under baggy clothes in a movie about her happy ending, where she’s the heroine. As if girls never make sure to look attractive on several occasions where they know they’ll be noticed.

The fanbase of a character who dresses on her dates as conservatively as this:

doesn’t give a cent about how big her boobs are.

Let that sink in.

But my hope was running low.                                                                         You appeared out of nowhere.                                                                              It was more than an illusion.                                                                            More than I could ever know. 

Baby, it’s magic the way you came around.                                                       You caught me before I hit the ground.                                                                 There something was missing in my house of cards                                           and all that I needed was the queen of my heart.                                              It’s magic the way you came around


Ichiruki Month: Day 5 Lyrics

  • People I respect:I don't like Wicked because the story doesn't appeal to me and there's only one song I enjoyed. Just not my type of show.
  • People I don't respect:I don't like Wicked cuz everyone loves it and it is overrated. If it's your favorite show, die in a hole, you don't like theatre.

I am so sick with all this violence people. I am crying because god, we hate each other so much and it is not right!! We hate the different and the unusual. We hate each other so much, and we put all this energy into something so negative, why we do this? Being different is not a bad thing. Please people understand this, please be good to each other. Kindness is all it takes for everyone to have a good life. Please stop all this unnecessary hate.

“If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”
― E.B. White

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Ok did I miss something? Why are the homophobes and antis bringing up incest-which we all know is bs anyway-in regards to Leanne's tweet? All she said was get ready for an amazing sneak peek then hashtagged SwanQueen. Nothing about them humping or making out. Insecure much? I mean do they never want Regina and Emma to interact at all?

Yes, anon, that is exactly what they want to happen. If Emma and Regina as much as breathe the same air, they are the first ones to scream “CANON!”

It’s funny cause, as the super obsessed sqer I am, I still absolutely understand that A&E aren’t currently writing E/R as anything other than friends. You see, I will always interpret everything in the context of a romance, and will always see their relationship as this beautiful slowburn leading up to marriage and the two of them growing old together. But that’s just my Swan Queen bubble. And I am aware of that. I am aware that – despite caring about each other more than any other character on the show (Henry aside) – they are currently just friends. No benefits whatsoever.  friends that have a mega crush on each other, at best; especially on Emma’s side; but that’s just it

Regina has deep feelings for Robin. And Emma likes Hook just fine.

which doesn’t mean at all that E/R could never be in a relationship because ….   *LE GASP* break ups are an actual thing. though that doesn’t seem to be happening, at least not before season 5 

That’s the current storyline. Anyone who is watching the show and has the minimum of reading comprehension can see that SQ isn’t happening yet.  

But the antis see Regina and Emma interacting, and you know what?

They see what we see.

They see the looks, the shared moments, the silent communication, the “our son” thing. They see how much they have in common and how strong a connection they have… The potential.… and they think……… “Oh shit, this is real.”

That’s why they feel the need to remind everyone that it’s a friendship. Because they see how it would be perceived as otherwise. So they think that’s how everyone else sees Swan Queen too. Like they do. Like we do.

And they are terrified of it. Because unlike us, they don’t like what they see.

Now, i don’t say this in a “look! this is proof SQ is canon” kind of way, but in a “omg this is hilarious” kind of way, because it only serves as further proof to my theory that, secretly, the antis know what’s up. That deep down in their hearts, they know it’s not “crazy” or delusional” (as they say it themselves) of us to see potential in Emma and Regina….

And it’s funny because, ironic as it is, it seems to me that anti swan queeners are exactly the ones who – out of everyone in this entire fandom (including us) – genuinely and wholeheartedly believe in canon Swan Queen the most.

And that, my dear anon….