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Will “do you even lift” Graham


He nods at her and walks through the door, leaving it open for her. She slides off the vortex manipulator without hesitation and stuffs it into her backpack before darting down the street and into her new life with the Doctor, her hair dancing against her shoulders.

Favourite Fanfictions in a Gifset: 5/?

Candour by @rointheta


Oh it’s beautiful. Oh, Tony, this is your ninth symphony. What a masterpiece. Look at that. This is your legacy. A new generation of weapons with this at its heart. Weapons that will help steer the world back on course. Put the balance of power in our hands. The right hands.

I was re-watching Iron Man, and noticed that in Obie’s little villain monologue. He doesn’t come right out and say “Hail Hydra” but he may as well have. 

I always thought he just meant a more general him and people like him being “the right hands”, and maybe that was the original intent, but in retrospect, that’s pretty Hydra-y and chilling. You know, chilling beyond just “I will literally rip your heart out while you are helpless, and use it as a WMD. Hey, enjoy your slow death.”

I’ll give it to Marvel, though:


i remember once in elementary school i was nervous because i had gone a bit too long without plucking my eyebrows and didn’t have time to pluck them that morning while getting ready. it was the only time that had ever happened, and i kept telling myself “don’t worry, nobody will notice.”

literally within the first ten minutes of me getting on the playground, a girl saw me and immediately started loudly making fun of my eyebrows in front of several other kids. 

i just covered up my face and then went somewhere secluded to cry, but looking back i wish i would’ve punched her in the face or told her to go fuck herself

i dont know if i have ever told this to anybody before actually

SCARFOOT. Some people have already noticed and asked. I still get insecure about it, but I guess it is time to go with the feet bare! The complicated love/hate relationship with my feet. I always had an affinity for feet, but I hated my own. I had big feet. Couldn’t as easily wear pretty shoes. My lovers never cared for feet. And for the longest time (up until Jan ‘14) every step I took, caused me agonizing pain, literally. Then I finally found a capable doctor who found the bone shard stabbing into all of my feet bones and removed it! I am pain free, outgrew my childish envy and learned to love my feet! Even if they are eternally marked with quite a hefty scar. #scarfoot #foot #footlove #footfetish #footworship #footfetishcommunity #arch #toes #prettyfeet #prettytoes #bigfoot #bigfeet #footporn #feetfetish #feetworship #footworship #soles #socks #wornsocks #sockporn #socklover #sockfetish #funsocks #naturalfeet #naturaltoes #footjob #sockjob by ladysocksnpanties
January 30, 2015 at 06:34AM

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Hey, so, unless you people have already noticed, I accept donations. I’m saving money for a Microsoft Surface Pro but I have second goal in mind:

Art school.

There’s this art school, Oriveden Opisto, and I’ve wanted to go to there ever since I was a kid, but it costs about 4000€ and not even a student loan will get me there. I know, because I applied to the school a couple of years ago and got 2300€ loan from my bank which is clearly not enough.

Why do I want to go back if I already was there?

My health got worse when I started and ultimately decided to quit. However, I do want to go back, but I want to save the money first and I was hoping I could get some help from you guys because no matter how much I try to save money myself, I’ll never get there. I live from hand to mouth.

You can either donate or commission me. Take your pick.

My paypal is and here is a post about the commissions