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to be honest, my biggest fear isn't that you are scam (specially after so much honesty in that one ask). My fear is that someone on tumblr will just decide that you are a bunch of racist/trabsphobic/homophobic/assholes who do shit and do everything for people not to support you, just like they did with projects like urbance. They can even go as far as taking quotes out of context to make someone sound evil. That's what I am afraid of...

Great, now that’s my biggest fear too. That and Daleks.

It’s one of the risks you take with doing something like. All we can do is be as honest, fair-minded, and kind as possible, and hopefully people will decide to support us, even if someone goes negative against us. So far, everyone’s been really great, even when we’ve made some missteps.

Literal chat between me and (ex) friend
  • Friend:did you know Neil Patrick Harris is married to David Burtka?
  • Me:yeah I know, it's cute right
  • Friend:no it's gross! gay couples are disgusting
  • Me:what? it's not gross or disgusting if it's love
  • Friend:ha that's not love. Gay people are gross
  • Me:you're gross. Gross because you can't see love it doesn't fucking matter if it's two girls, two guys or a guy and a girl. You don't know shit about love if you say that, you homophobic asshole

Being pansexual in the LGBT community has taught me a lot, especially that gay people can be just as big of assholes as homophobes.

Bi erasure itself is a huge problem, and many people think that it’s girls seeking attention. “Are you a boy and bi? OMG SO DEEP SO HOT YAAAAS. A girl? You’re only doing this to seem sexy for men. Your transgender AND bi? That’s not how that works. Non binary/a-gender and bi? Just make up your mind, gosh.”

And for pans, it’s even worse. No one knows about us and there are so many misconceptions, like that we’re attracted to animals and inanimate objects. “Are you a boy and pan? You just want to have sex with everyone. Are you girl and pan? Hipster slut. Trans/a-gender/non binary and pan? Now you’re just making shit up.”

These are real things I’ve personally has to deal with. Men constantly assume I’m into threesomes and women won’t come near me because I’m also attracted to men, some of those women being bi themselves.

I can’t even imagine what asexuals must go through, but I hear they get a lot of shit too for their sexuality.

And sexism is STILL a problem, even here. Even now.

This is not the majority of the LGBT community, only like 25%, but it’s still a lot. I’m tired of it.

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I still see some write that the korrasami ending was ambiguous or something(it really wasn’t unless you had a stick in your eye), and homophobes could still deny it, so that’s why it’s bad rep. but representation is not for homophobes or for heterosexuals, it’s for the people who relate to it to feel represented and accepted by their favourite shows. I don't get why anybody cares about what assholes have to say about it?

representation is not for homophobes or for heterosexuals, it’s for the people who relate to it to feel represented and accepted by their favourite shows


I'm not transphobic because I don't like transtalia

And I’m not homophobic just because I know russia wouldn’t be gay

Like tell my girlfriend that I’m homophobic
Tell all my exes that I’m homophobic (hint: they’re all beautiful fucking women)

I’m probably one of the gayest people you will ever meet. (Even though I question my Sexuality sometimes like on the verge of bisexuality)

Just because I don’t like something and I crave historically accurate hetalia and I love it so much and it’s very near and dear to my heart doesn’t make me anything other than human like kindly hop off my dick you flaming egg

You know what I really can’t stand about Adam? Not that he’s just a homophobe but he’s a frickin pissbaby. He’s got a son who’s healthy, smart, loving, kind and - frankly - amazing. This is what angers me the most about homophobic parents, like, they’ve got a perfectly normal (I also hate to use that word) kid and they choose to be assholes. Like get a grip and grow the hell up because if your biggest problem in life is your child’s sexual (and romantic) orientation, you are a goddamn idiot. I don’t feel sorry for these people, they just annoy the crap out of me.

So yeah, Adam needs to check himself and re-evaluate his life.

I understand why they’re called HomoPHOBES now

They’re scared that if same-sex marriage becomes legal then all the people whose rights they’ve been shitting on for years will fuse into super-powerful love-entities who’ll probably want to lay the smackdown on a few assholes

I would like to clear something up for everyone

1.) homophobes are are problem
NOT straight people
2.) transphobes are a prom ken
Cis people are NOT
3.) sexism is a problem
Men are not!
4.) racists are a problem
NOT white people


I truly don’t understand why so many fake pro Black people think you’re a coon or uncle tom if you’re not a homophobic transphobic sexist asshole. Why do they think being non straight, trans, or a feminist is the work of white supremacy to weaken the Black community? Why is it your bigotry isn’t weakening the Black community?

If I could say one thing to transactivist it would NOT be “transwomen are males” or “transmen are female” or “Hey, sex is biological, gender is a social construct and not innate”. Because in all honesty, they don’t give a shit. They haven’t listened, or cared, or tried to open an honest dialogue about gender, and they probably never will. Calling women TERF’s is easier and more important to their agenda of demonizing and silencing women. Hey, I get it - it’s not easy unlearning misogyny. Plus, I’ve given enough time to this “debate” and still get tangled in the same nonsense almost every day. And yet nothing seems to be changing.

What I WOULD say, is to target all that energy and hostility to the group of people killing trans people. Men. Males. Male violence committed by men who are violent homophobic assholes. Yell at them. Call them out. DOXX them. Make them afraid of hurting you. Educate them about your humanity. Because guess what? Trans people are still getting killed by these men, the same men who kill thousands of women on a daily basis. What hurts trans people more? Small groups of women on the internet who disagree with your definition of gender…who sometimes talk on twitter or have IRL get-togethers for their own benefit, who you will most likely never fucking meet in a lifetime…or 50% of the population that learn how to be misogynist by age 5, with a history of violence, that happen to be like 99.9% of the murders of trans people? WORDS on a computer screen VS. It takes 5 seconds to call a woman a Terf. It takes a lifetime to fight against male violence and have a real impact on the world around you. Better start now bruh. 

Priorities. Priorities. 

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it's not even a case of "caring" like these politicians literally don't want gay people to exist and they have no issue with you and others being fired or denied services or abused for it so?? what freedom exactly are you getting from this

Good grief, how much time did you spend working up this exageration? 

“don’t want gay people to exist” maybe the occasional one feels this way, but I’d say I know a lot more Republicans than you do and even the most socially conservatie aren’t looking to kill, abuse, fire, or deny me service for being gay. 

However, here’s the major issue. You don’t understand that freedom is also freedom for people to be an asshole. There probably are the ocassional Republican out there that actually hates gay people personally, just like there are Democrats that are virulently racist and homophobic. No human is an angel…specifically we aren’t angels because we have free will, but that’s a debate on theology not politics.

There most certainly are not a majority of conservatives that want to write bills to deny service or fire gay people specifically. Do we want the government to stop telling us how to live our lives, who to hire, and who to serve in our businesses without threat of lawsuit…well yeah, because we don’t like government control.

If you actually care, I’ve written a half dozen articles about the problems with discrimination laws and why they are ultimately less effective than the free market is at punishing racist/homophobic owners. Let me know if you actually care about looking at the way conservatives actually feel about discrimination laws, rather than your exaggerated “OMG THEY HATE TEH GAYZ!” approach. 

I don’t know any conservative that wants to pass laws to make it legal to absue or get rid of gay people. That’s a hell of an accusation and I’d love to see you back it up. 

As for your last question. Well I get a lot of freedom out of being a conservative. I get freedom from government control over how I live my life, how I spend my money, what I eat, how I make my living, how much money I get to keep for myself etc. etc. etc. 

Does that answer your question?

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Honey, you're the one who wanted to make the Savior Queen tag into a federal case. Yes, some assholes were/are using the tag to be homophobic idiots, but if Swen are going to accuse the writer's of using the SQ friendship as queer-baiting, then what's to stop them from turning on others who want to see SQ as a brotp? Which is why the SavQ tag was made in the first place, so people wouldn't step on any toes. I know it's being abused, but the intention is still there. Calm down and try again.

You know what, I’m giving you a name

You are now called Alfreda (if this name offends you, just tell me which one you would prefer in your next message).

Alfreda, let me ask you a question: in the words of the great Mariah Carey, why you so obsessed with me? Or even better, why you so obsessed with Swan Queen?

I see you’re having difficulty understanding a few basic logical elements here, but not to worry, I will help you.

I have compiled a list of facts to help you better understand how the human body works:

  • You cannot be several people at the same time
  • You can only be one person
  • You can only have one body
  • You cannot be in several minds at the same time
  • You cannot control other people’s thoughts
  • My patience has its (very short) limits

I know you’re hellbent on considering me the Alpha and the Omega of the Swan Queen fandom, assuming that I am able to somehow dictate what everyone does or thinks, but I am, in fact, not the Alpha nor the Omega of the Swan Queen fandom. Therefor, I do not possess any magical powers that allow me to manipulate every SQer’s brain into doing what I want them to do.

Are you following, Alfreda? If you have any questions in regards to what I’ve written so far, write them down on a small piece of paper, fold it in half, and set it on fire, then, collect the ashes, open your window, and throw them into the wind.

Alright, now that that’s settled, let’s move onto the second question I asked you: why you so obsessed with Swan Queen?

Is it because you are jealous of how incredibly beautiful it is and you have been having trouble sleeping due to the constant need to rock back and forth while trying as hard as you can to convince yourself that you do not like Swan Queen, that you cannot like Swan Queen, that you have no idea how you could even come out to your loved ones about liking Swan Queen, that society would never accept the fact that you like Swan Queen

Am I close?

Alfreda, all I can do for you is tell you that, even if society doesn’t accept your love for Swan Queen, we do. The Swan Queen fandom will be here to support you and to provide you long fic recs and incredible fan videos.

I will be here for you, Alfreda.

Fuck my school.

I don’t think you guys fucking understand how much it pains me to be in my 8th period class. It physically pains me to listen to all the racist remarks being thrown around, all the judgmental and homophobic side comments. It is pissing me off to no end and I really cannot deal with this. 

Just today I had to listen to/be apart of this lovely conversation while my teacher did fucking nothing:

Asshole Kid: One day, I’m gonna be President!

Class of Asses: Haha, sure you are.

Asshole Kid: Just you watch, when I do, I’ll be sure to bring slavery back!

Class of Asses: HELL YEAH.

Me: I’d never vote for you if that was your goal. It’s wrong and people shouldn’t be treated like property, you scumbag.

Class of Asses: …..

Asshole Kid: Well I’m sorry if my fair ways upset you, dyke. You’re just a gay loving idiot and you have no right to live in this country.

Yeah so… what in the actual fuck? I’m the one who doesn’t have the right to live here? You southern dirt-bag, how fucking dare you say that to me? It’s OKAY TO LOVE SOMEONE OF THE SAME SEX, IT’S OKAY TO HAVE A DIFFERENT SKIN COLOR. THOSE ASPECTS DO NOT DEFINE YOU, YOUR ACTIONS AND THE WAY YOU FUCKING TREAT PEOPLE DO. AND BUDDY, WITH THE WAY YOU SEE THINGS NOW, YOU’LL SURE AS HELL NEVER BE PRESIDENT.

As far as I’m concerned, you can go rot in your “God’s” hell, the planet doesn’t have room for racist bigots like you. 

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Specialsnowflakesanonymous is a transmisogynistic, sexist, homophobe. Sorry if they've been posted before but they often invade posts made for trans, nonbinary, asexual etc people bc they believe those ppl are "special snowflakes"

Ah Geez one of those assholes. 

And don’t worry about someone being posted before. If a person gets posted more than once it keeps their url fresh in people’s minds and such. There is no downside to it. 

I’ve already made a joking chat post about this, but let me go into detail about something.

Whenever some sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic/whatever assholes start whining about how women, minorities, gays, trans people, etc. are “ruining” a particular thing, or how that thing is only for men, or how they’re tired of “tokenism” or whatever, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna check that thing out and 9 times out of 10, I’m gonna like it. (see: my current collection of digital Transformers: MTMTE comics)

Similarly, if these same assholes start complaining about someone being an awful “SJW” or something, I’m gonna look that person up, and again, 9 times out of 10, I’ll think they’re a genuinely cool person that doesn’t deserve any harassment.

These guys are great at reverse psychology and they don’t even know it.

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Exactly yes. I focused on Louis cause bs 2.0 hit me hard. But we've been saying for years how much this management screw them over, and now we're surprised if they make him miss shows? Harry is a manwhore since he was 16, Liam and Louis are homophobic assholes, they erased Zayn culture and made him look like a bastard who cheats 24/7. Even Niall got it bad, or I have to remind you that a month ago people lost their shit cause he was kissing a girl? Cause he only loves beer and food obvs Cmon now

lol yeah…this fan loses it’s memory on the daily