people will probably hate me but I dont care

Thoughts On Crystal

I am really happy for people who are enjoying the new show. I really am. It’s great to wake up in the morning and watch a brand new episode of Sailor Moon. It’s like being a kid again. 

I hate to admit this, but I’m not in love with Crystal. But I don’t hate it either. I’m just in the middle. I’m just disappointed with it. I knew I would be when they said it would follow the manga. I am not manga hater at all. I just think it’s a weakest version of Sailor Moon. When the creator said Crystal was her chance to change things around, I thought we would get something different. Nope instead we’re basically getting panel by panel with a few minor changes. 

Let’s take a moment and think about how PGSM started out. It follow the manga in the beginning, but it started to changed its course when Mako joined the team.With the episodes that were exactly like the manga they were still different. They put a new spin on those episodes. I was hoping Crystal would do the same.

With animes I have a rule. When watching a new series ( at least new to me), I watch up to episode three or four. By then the plot thickens and you got an idea about the characters. If the plot or the characters don’t interested me one bit I stop watching it. So I just kind of laugh when people say there’s only been this many episodes out. I can understand when they said there were only two episodes out. But now that there’s four episodes out people have a right to give up on Crystal. A lot people do what I do with animes. Because it’s true. A series should be able to capture you by the third or fourth episode. The only thing that Crystal has done to keep holding my attention is keeping Jadeite alive and having all four of the Shitennou together. I think that’s sad considering they’re not the main characters. The girls should have capture my attention, but they’re not.

I think I’m just rambling now, but this how I feel about Crystal after I saw that act 6 from the manga was confirmed to be episode 6. Who knows maybe things will change after episode 6. Because right now we’re almost half way through the manga and we have 22 episodes left. 

attention motherfuckers

if u ever want to send hate to sebaciel shippers
send it to me
bc im probably the worst person in this fandom and deserve it 100%
but the others dont, so seriously send it to me if u decide to bitch about someone or bitch to someone bc i couldnt give 2 fucks about ur opinion, but the people ur sending it to do care and ur seriously hurting them so pls send me hate ♥

I really dilike the people that go “Kishimoto destroyed Sakura” “SHes only a housewife now” “The only thing shes doing is rasing a child caring about money”

While i dont agree on the ending that much, a part of me really enjoyed it. But seeing people hating on her just because she became a wife and mother and wasnt shown to do anything important. 

Since when being a mother and a wife is so horrible? what about a single mom since the dick duck butt is away? Either way, the new manga is implying that she took care of Sarada on her own, she probably has a job WE DONT KNOW THAT YET ITS ONLY BEEN TWO CHAPTERS (counting chapter 0)

Whatever way she is made by Kishimoto to be, the fact remains shes a single mother. I dont care if shes Sasuke’s wife rigth now honestly. I care about her. 

So if you are part of the people that think she’s over now because she’s a house-wife and single mom, then i dont really have anything nice to say to you, because even if shes not real, the struggles of a single mom are. 

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you're awesome and I love your blog and you, also, lesbians are people who are attracted to the same sex as them, aka female, got nothin to do with genetalaialaia

im probably going to get a shit ton of mail for saying this but

i dont understand sexuality. i really dont. and i dont care that i dont understand, bc as long as someone who will love them back for being themselves, thats all that matters to me. i dont judge, i dont hate, im just confused.

i hate all those ‘youll be okay stay alive if u see this post dont kill yourself drink some water go outside’ posts thank you helped me so much i mean of course mental illness can be cured by simply writing a post to no one in particular from people who probably dont know me or rlly care about me even if they say otherwise

domonasuka replied to your post:the fact that you say/draw sexual things about ina…

why arent these people actually bitching at the people on pixiv who are making legit porn with the kid versions of characters

because im a “white cis girl” :^)

and honestly they dont care about childporn 
they probably look at gelbooru all the time and their history is full of “kazemaru hentai” 

they simply hate me thats the whole reason 

i mean? holy shit they spend so much time with this i feel flattered 

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-this is not hate dont get offended pls- I couldnt help but notice that in a post u said that french sounded bitchy. Thts ur opinion and thts fine :) but it does make people uncomfortable and shower u in a bad light! Just be careful :D

oh actually that’s probably a really good point!! hey, i’m REALLY sorry if i upset or angered anyone, i don’t really know how to justify what i said, i do very much enjoy taking and learning french and i look foreward to knowing it better, it’s just that my personal take on it is that the general tone of the language, from what i have heard spoken of it, can sometimes sound almost comical? please note that i don’t intend to anger anyone, and i ave never personally met a native speaker, so i’m honestly in no place to make any assumptions. i’m probably making this worse, but i just thought i’d say that

the reason im so upset about Ashley Purdy blocking me on twitter is that i feel like band members are the only people that actually like me sometimes because my parents fuckin argue alot i dont speak to my other family outside of the internet i dont really talk to people. so i feel like band members are the only people liking me so im upset about Ashley blocking me because i feel like hes saying to me that he hates me! im scared that nobody likes me and that everyone doesnt care. im scared that Ashley blocked me because im too ugly or not good enou- i know that im not good enough and this probably doesnt make sense but im scared that other band members are gonna block me… music has always been there. i know i seem pathetic and im sorry

  • I hate not having anyone to speak to! I have 'friends' but yet i still end up only speaking to one.... i cant trust any of you apart from one but i somehow am uncapable of keeping a conversation going with her... i am speaking to one friend and i thought i could trust him but clearly not when you sc your best friend everything i say you are not together she has a fucking boyfriend but yet why does she get jealous when me and him hug it is hugging not fucking he bitches about you 24/7 yet i am still the second best i hate it!! Going to the local fair with just him tomorrow but i bet youll end up coming and he will probably pay for your shit!!! I fucking hate it! All i want is for one person to care if i dont turn up to school for a day... oh wait no i dont have that and then people wonder why i am always so down well its because everytime i think i am close to someone sonething happens maybe this isnt happening maybe my mind is over thinking or maybe you fuckers just cant bare to see me with someone.... but thanks for being great friends anyway 'always here for you' 😂😂 my arse!!!

Im a really cruel person when it comes to my mother but the past few years shes fucked with me a lot and doesnt give a shit about how i feel at all so i guess i dont care like for example if she ever told ron something personal about me again id probably bring up her abortion that he doesnt know about and i usually wouldnt do something that fucking mean to people but idk i have a lot of hate for my mother and what shes become and its revolting to me that id be that way towards her

[ also i feel like this shit is happening because im probably immature or something??? i dont know how to deal with this stuff very well, and when im upset i sort of shut down and im really not thinking other than “everyone hates me nobody cares blah blah blah–” (especially during panic attacks)

and i have a really really bad temper, which really doesnt help when trying to handle a situation well?? like ive been told my whole life that im mature for my age and its gotten to the point that i get really anxious and upset when called immature in any aspect of my behavior etc because it honestly feels like im not good enough if im not mature in every way

i dunno, but i do know i have to learn how to deal with this stuff if im going to keep up this blog and actually be happy doing so because this community is fucking brutal ]

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2:Do you ever get “good morning” texts from anyone?
nah and i dont wanna, that would be annoying like bro i need space
7:What would you do if you found out you had been cheated on?
i would be like o k and probably hate myself for a few days bc it would fuck with my self esteem so much
40:Have you ever regretted kissing someone?
hmmm i suppose, i dont really like to have regrets like whats done is done so idk i guess maybe if i could go back i wouldnt kiss some of the people ive kissed but like whatever i dont really care its in the past
56:Do you own anything from other countries?
yes!!! quite a few things, i have lovely friends who bring me stuff back from when they go overseas :)))))

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Hi I'm just really confused because like I really enjoyed your writing but then I go on your home page and you said that you don't like 5sos anymore? How did that happen? Like what changed you? I love them so much that nothing could stop me from not loving them so I'm confused. Also people were saying that you were hating but I haven't seen any hate and if you did I'm confused why?? Sorry If I'm annoying I'm just super confused

well last i heard of them they were super racist, sexist, body-shamed, and used homophobic slurs, also just generally being cocky and douchey. i dont pay attention to them anymore so maybe theyve changed idk probably not but i dont really care. i dont like their music, i find them trite, i find 99% of their fans obnoxious, i dont think their hearts sre truly in the music anymore (only doung it for fame, money, and girls tbh if u cant see that youre blind) and their music and vocals just plain and simple SUCK. i havent been hating on them ive been asked before why i stopped liking them and have answered with replies similar to this but ive never purposely instigated a fight. i hope this clears it up for you. thanks for reading my stuff though i really do appreciate it even if i dont plan on continuing to write 5sos related things.

even just hearing her sometimes. I dont know how people can be so selfish. And self obsessed. I dont care if your tired when you get home from work. So is everyone else. It makes me feel really fucking lonely. And I fucking hate it. Family meal time how about no. Family spending time together? probably best to avoid

idk what to do, all i want to do it stop existing, nobody likes me anyway so there’s no point sticking around, everybody is probably planning their exit to get away from me or talking about how miuch they hate me behind my back so whats the point, i feel lik i dont exist like people rdont reply to my messages either cause they hate me and dont care or because im not real so tehy havent seen them

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Hey man. You're not in the least bit worthless. Everyone has importance and you definitely do! Stay strong because there are still people who care, but also for yourself!

In so worthless you dont understand. Im just a problem all i do is be a problem

My friends all probably hate me and i dont even blame them because i hate me too because all i do is hurt people and irritate people and i want to die so that that stops happening because i love them but im SUCH A HUGE FUCKING WASTE OF SPACE.

even though i dont mind the idea of me x friends sexual intercourse i think the ace part of my demi is probably sex repulsed

either that or i dont like the idea of sexualized boobs/vagina or “feminine” coded things or characters, but even thats kind of iffy

some sex things i dont think much of because i dont care but some other things make me want to gut myself with a very sharp fork

i dont like female/feminine coded characters being treated like porn fodder constantly and it makes me physically sick when i see it but i even feel bad about that because its probably tied to how much i hate it on me and how im scared the people who are romantically interested in me see me just like all the sick squishy/”cute” porn i see them oogle pretty much constantly

i hate being mad and literally sick about this i want it to stop

there aer so many emotions that im feeling right now anf d all that i can verbally portray is that i just wish i fucking hatd friends. i have so many fucking emotions and i liiterally have nobody who cares about my i thought i was fine with it but im just thinking about how many peple i care about and how important these 7 people are tpo me and i probably dont matter. no i dont matter i no i dont i hate myself i jsut want to die why cant i have friends aim so fuckijng useless