for jolitaire!! this is not what i said i’d do (sorry) but it was inspired by your url: one of the most splendid ships to sail ever. plus i’ve been excited to drop in my joly! hc that r paints cool as shit designs on his prosthetics B)

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In response to that anon. Yes other races can hate on white people, yes it happens. But what doesn't happen is other races taking human rights away from white people because of the colour of their skin. That just doesn't happen. White people aren't having their human rights taken away from them, therefore "reverse racism" doesn't exist. ((Ps I am 100% mayonnaise white))

thank u baby (but I still think ur yellow)


Stone Age Spaniard had blue eyes, dark skin

Blue eyes may have evolved before blond hair and pale skin, a genetic analysis of a 7,000-year-old Spanish skeleton suggests.

The Stone Age skeleton of a hunter-gatherer was found in 2006 in a cave at the La Braña-Arintero archaeological site in northwestern Spain. DNA from one of the skeleton’s teeth shows that the man, called La Braña 1, is genetically different from most present-day Europeans, Carles Lalueza-Fox of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Barcelona and colleagues report January 26 in Nature.

The hunter-gatherer was lactose intolerant and carried few copies of genes involved in breaking down starch. Those findings are further evidence that the ability to digest milk and starch probably evolved after the advent of agriculture.

La Braña 1’s eyes were blue (or at least not brown), but his hair and skin were dark, the researchers deciphered from the skeleton’s pigment genes. The finding indicates that light-colored skin wasn’t the norm everywhere in Europe by the Stone Age, and that eye color changed before skin pigmentation did.


I. Olalde et al. Derived immune and ancestral pigmentation alleles in a 7,000-year-old Mesolithic EuropeanNature. Published online January 26, 2014. doi:10.1038/nature12960.

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I was tired of looking for ten different stills in order to draw a costume correctly, so I made a little reference sheet of all of Korra’s outfits - maybe other people can benefit from it (don’t trust the shoes on the equalist unifrom though, I’m still not 100% sure they actually look like that)

Here’s a better picture: (x)

psa to white people

how/when to use the acronym PoC / poc / POC:

  • not in front of a noun. why would you say “PoC author” when you can say “author of colour”? poc isnt an adjective. similarly, “poc” + noun should just be noun + “of colour”
  • not pluralised like PoCs. you know people of colour is already plural. (people of colour)s makes no sense. stop.
  • not when you’re referring to a specific race. just say black or asian or whatever. there is no “poc” experience. cease.
  • do use it when you’re talking about people who aren’t white. even tho it’s not strictly a dichotomy, saying “not white” places white as the default.

tldr just stop throwing it around like it’s an adjective + stop being embarrassing

In Bangladesh, I used to work at the World Health Organisation but there’s no system here to get me a job like that so here I am.

I live here with my wife and kids but this isn’t just for them, I have to work to support those back home too. I’ve come here and there’s no turning back.

This in itself is a kind of war. I’ve come and I’m working but back home, I wouldn’t have even thought of this kind of work. But I’m doing it and it’s getting me by.