For about a week or two orz. I’m busy with things both in school and in the dorm, as I’m part of the committee that will welcome freshmen in and make sure they’re alive and well…So I can’t make edits and shit yet I’ll reblog some stuff every now and then. I’ll have jjongspenus/himchanspenus hack me too or something ;u; For those with pending reqs, they’re on a list. <3

I love you all <3

Hi guys...

So yeah, I haven’t been here for long, and the first thing I post is something about a hiatus. I don’t know, but I feel it is just proper to say the reasons for my absence. For one, I have work in my organizations plus heavy workload in my course. I’ll be back in a month, during my semestral break and all that. I’ll be flooding the dashes with edits and requests and all that shit. 

So, if you can still bear with me, please do. But if you think my blog will just be a nuisance to your follow list, feel free to unfollow me. I love you all, though!



Accepting AU Meme Requests (ASK BOX IS OPEN <3)
  • Send me a pairing/crackship with a song
  • or if you want me to pick the song, send me a number
  • and pick a or b =))
ways on how to have fun while on my blog
  • rollover the images and read my tags
  • go to my fanmail and talk to me
  • or to my askbox and go anon and troll me 
  • and watch me spazz over it
  • check my penus edits tag
  • check my exo in wonderland tag
  • stay there and stare at tao’s face 5ever
  • um…