So I don’t say this nearly enough, but I really would like to thank everyone who made LAN 13.2 special for me.  I’m not gonna lie, I was so terrified about the session and you guys all made it so easy for me.  Being the Muse was truly a humbling experience, and I become so aware of my place in the world whenever someone tells me that they looked up to me or when they say that I was a role model.  I was so nervous and scared the first day that I wouldn’t live up to be the kind of Muse that Fuzieq was, but you guys all taught me that I could make it my own and that I could grow into a position.  I’d like to thank my fellow pentinity members for being my greatest friends and one of the strongest support systems and for grounding me when my ego was out of check.  I’d like to thank everyone who was part of LAN 13.2, because what is a tradition without devoted followers of tradition?  I’d like to thank the fellow members of my HDIS class because we all formed so many great memories.  I’d like to thank my fellow nevermores because we made it through those 4 years together and I don’t think there was a nevermore family as close as we were.  I’d like to thank everyone who has taken time out of their lives to thank me for being the Muse, and I honestly take everything you guys say to me to heart.  LAN 13.2 was one of the best sessions that I had and I have all you guys to thank for it.

So thank you for the hugs, and thank you for the kisses.

Thank you for clapping during “C is for Cookie” and for following me around during “End of the World” and “Istanbul.”

Thanks for a phenomenal Rocky cast.

Thanks for squishing me in “Birdhouse” and “Mr. Brightside.”

Thank you for laughing at my attempts at jokes during AI.

Thank you for not making fun of me during Restaurant at the End of the Universe when I forgot what to do.

Thank you for making circles and backing it up.

Thank you for clearing the table so I could walk down it with Jocelyn.

Thank you for Schnader basement shenanigans.

Thank you for listening to my Passionfruit speech.

But most of all, thank you for the love, because there is nothing in the world more precious to me.