I agree with this article, but Southern Baptist and Pentcostals are not truly of the Protestant tradition, but Dispensationalism that many theologians say go against scripture. I was raised an Anglican style Methodist, and never heard any of this stuff growing up. It should be noted the Southern Baptist church broke with all the Protestant churches on the war in Iraq, and infact supported it. This goes strongly against the teaching of just war in the Sola Fide tradition. The writer of this article is a Catholic, and so it’s understandable, but the Catholic right in the US is more influenced by Cold War mindset than Dispensationalism.

Paul Gottfried who thoughts on these issues I always enjoy says this in the comments, and I quote.

"I agree with Dan’s complaint and would only add that the Evangelicals, with their Jacobin, exceptionalist ideology, as embodied by someone like Sarah Palin, are a threat to international relations as well as to scholarship. The fault may lie with the radical Protestant tendencies that took root in this country and which represented a break with Old World Protestantism as much as with Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism."

Exactly Faith and Heritage a traditional Protestant website I enjoy. Has debunked how American Evangelicalism is not ture Protestantism, but the Jacobin tradition. The Religious Right view evolution, sex, and race like the Left does. A social construct that doesn’t exist.
Nietzschian neo pagans, Eastern Orthodox Christians, and Latin Mass Catholics like blame to Protestantism for decline of Western society. This however is not the case. The Dispensationalism tradition of American Christianity breaks from what Luther and Wycliffe warned against, and I’ve written about this consistently. I’ve called myself a secular Calvinist, because human nature is bad. It will never be perfected, and I myself am not religious.