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FIRST LISTEN: Papaoutai [OPB Stromae] — Pentatonix feat. Lindsey Stirling  

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"#CellBlockTango" on #DivvieApp feat. Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi

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Pentatonix - Rather Be

OPB: Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynne

Album: PTX Vol III

PTX Volume III is out next Tuesday! Preorder now and get “Problem” and “La La Latch” INSTANTLY!


'our idea of fun'
dorks 😘

theannieantonio said:

hi i just found your blog please explain avi kissing your cheek also did you cry

Hello :)

Well long story short, my friend was last minute not able to go to the concert with me, so she jokingly said “get a kiss from Avi for me.”  I kinda just laughed but then was like what if he really did though?? I told her I’d never be able to get the courage to ask for that, and in return she officially dared me to do it. Now my honor was on the line.

So after the concert, myself and around 20 other fans waited in the alleyway behind the theater to meet up with Pentatonix. When I got my picture with Avi along with his autograph, I didn’t have the guts to ask him (plus there was a line). So I figured it was just a lost cause.

After I had met all 5, my mom went into the bar next door to get her partner (she couldn’t stand in the alley for that long).  Just then, Avi came out of the theater again to get on the tour bus. Out of nowhere, I piped up and got his attention. Blushing furiously, I asked him if he was in a rush and he said “A little, but what do you need?” Really fast I explained that I was dared to ask him. He smiled at me and said “sure” and kissed me on the cheek and left before I could react.

And no I didn’t cry but damn was I hyperventilating.

PS. His lips are soft + there was beard scruff