Okay, so-
Therapy, and then hopefully I can get a ride to mail these bitches. FOUR PACKAGES, WOOHOO. Lmfao I’m poor as all shit. But really? This makes me happy-
as fake and meaningless as that sounds,
getting things together for other people is what is what I’d rather be ‘wasting’ my energy on ok.
Just pls pray I don’t blackout today FUCK



My name is Becca, I am 22 and live in the UK, more specifically, a little village in Yorkshire.

I would love to be a penpal to somebody and exchange/receive letters and small quirky gifts about the places we live, or our interests, to anybody in the world. Although, being an email buddy would be lovely too. The last time I did this whole penpal thing was when I was 13, and I really do miss it.

A few things about me:

  • At the moment I am obsessed with watching Mad Men!
  • I work in a bookshop
  • I play the cello (and studied music at university), so classical music is a love of mine, although I also like folk, punk rock (well…primarily Patti Smith), classic rock, and jazz.
  • I like words, and playing with them: (which author is often mistaken for a source of water? George or Well?). And if you find that, “I’m figuratively dying for a cup of coffee”, is amusing, then we’ll certainly get along.
  • I’ve just started knitting and finished my first pair of socks (excitement!)
  • There aren’t really many things that I truly dislike, I’d say I’m a pretty open-minded person (although if I do dislike something I’m sure to say, and it’s definitely a debate opportunity!) 
  • I’m really interested in astronomy, philosophy, music, writing/reading, crafts, film and TV - if you can share your knowledge about these things, or want to chat about them, that’d be great!

So, to sum up this rambling, I’m interested in people, and their thoughts about life (funny anecdotes, contemplative pondering, or recommendations about new books or TV shows) - It would be nice to hear from anybody from any part of world, any age or gender. I feel sometimes humans are so confined to home/work/school life and routines, so it’s always fulfilling to talk to new people, and it makes the world feel a friendlier, smaller place.

If you want to chat, email me at beccaaa62 @ gmail. com (I don’t check my tumblr too often.)

I’ll be so interested and happy to read and reply to your message. :D

Becca xxx

Hello tumblr.

I’ve noticed that a lot of y’all are really into the hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black. Now, I’m not going to bore you with any prison abolitionist rant here. I just have a request.

You know how Miss Claudette doesn’t get letters? How Tricia says that her friends used to write her a lot in the beginning but tapered off? How Piper mentions that the only mail she got that week was a card from her grandma? Well these are all fairly accurate things for real prisoners.

If you love this show and your heart hurts for them, that’s fine. Just please consider taking the time to get a prisoner penpal.

There are hundreds of lists of prisoners who need penpals. One of the best resources in the world is black and pink’s database of queer and trans prisoners. That’s at:


I could go on and on about how important this is, but if you’ve watched OITNB, you should already know. Please consider sharing just a few minutes of your life every month with someone who could really use it.

hi guys!

I’m Pip, 23, from Germany. I’m an university student and want to become a teacher in rhe near future.

I’m looking for snail mail penpals with whom I can write about every topic that comes up to mind.

I’m looking for snail mail penpals from: Britain, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Austria.

Please consider that I’m looking for long-lasting penpals who are honestly interested in a person and who do not write letters for the purpose of writing & crafting. I hope to find some with whom I can share my ideas, my plans, my dreams with but also everything concerning the past.

In my free time I love to crochet & knit, take photos, watch tv series, going out with friends, reading (a lot) and a lit bit of creative writing and much more.

I’m interested in many things but I’d say that I’m a very creative person who is bubbly as well! I can be stubborn in a sense when I have a creative idea in mind then it has to be made immediately.

If you’re interested please write an email to: r i t z i . richter @ google mail . com


My absolute favorite thing about this project (and what I really hoped for when I first started out) is the chance to be personally introduced by extraordinarily talented artists that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.

From one of my new favorite illustrators, kiwiwikiwi. I believe this is also my first parcel from Poland!


Hey there game-loving budz!

Have you finished Yume Nikki and are now wondering what other similar games are available? 

WELL! I’m trying to create a comprehensive list right here of all the cool horror/exploration games with a surreal vibe I can find and where to download them, especially for you!! Please click the readmore to browse the list (I don’t wanna stretch people’s dashboards THERE ARE A LOT)

(please note that this list is currently unfinished, and game versions offered here may not be up-to-date. If you have any suggestions for the list I would very very much love to hear!)

(THERE ARE CURRENTLY: 36+ free games under the

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