How many of the costumes were “made from scratch” and what percentage are vintage?

I cannot say the exact percentage, but where possible I used vintage clothes. In other cases, I used pieces of authentic embroidery, lace, or buttons that I found in the London vintage market, applying them on corsets or dresses made with new fabric. I also used vintage men’s jackets, waistcoats, scarves, and hats when the actors measurements and characters would permit.

(Gabriella Pescucci, costume designer for “Penny Dreadful”)

(from Variety.com)


d o  y o u  r e a l l y   w a n t   t o   b e   n o r m a l?

"…for the monster’s not in my face, but in my soul. i once thought that, if i was like other men i would be happy. and loved. but the malignance has grown, you see. from the outside in. and it’s shattered what it merely reflects; the a b o m i n a t i o n  that is m y  h e a r t. oh my creator, why did you not make me of steel, or stone? why did you allow me  t o   f e e l ?


“Do you believe there is a demimonde, Mr. Chandler? A half world between what we know and what we fear? A place in the shadows, rarely seen, but deeply felt. Do you believe that? That’s where we were last night; where some unfortunate souls are cursed to live always. If you believe in curses, that is.”


i want you to rule the darkness with me, at my side. looking over a black, scorched, dead world. where there is no more pain

             because there are  n o   m o r e   h e a r t s   t o   f e e l .