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Things that are probably going to happen in Penny Dreadful #60
  • Kali:*Flirts with Malcolm.*
  • Kali:*Flirts with Malcolm a LOT.*
  • Malcolm:*Reciprocates.*
  • Vanessa:...
  • Vanessa:So, am I jealous because Malcolm is now sort of my new father
  • Vanessa:(Never mind what my OWN father is doing at this point in time, he's a non-entity anyway)
  • Vanessa:and I resent the attention he is paying to someone other than myself?
  • Vanessa:Or am I envious of the attention Madame Kali is receiving because I am, subconsciously, actually attracted to Malcolm, thanks to the Devil having worn his form when we coupled?
  • Vanessa:Or am I just turned on by the sinfulness of their possible fornication and anticipate catching them going at it in a semi-public place?
  • Vanessa:Or possibly all three?
  • Vanessa:My brain hurts.