So today me and a few of my friends stayed after school to get extra help. We thought it was a good idea to walk home from the middle school (we were at the jr high) the middle school bus already left though. Long story short we ended up walking 2.5 miles in 20 degree weather and my friend almost got hit.

bluestars-fire asked:

"Hey there, Pippin!" The gorgeous elleth called as she spotted him, and with a wide, fond smile she opened her arms in offering of a hug. "Pip, how are you on this fine day? I do believe i caught sight of a nice, delicious looking patch of mushrooms along the way! Interested?"

   “ Wot - ye don’t mean those big, fat penneh buns by th’ weyside o’ Bywater Road, do ye? I thought I’d hidden ‘em rather well under all those leaves - an’ anywey, they’re not ripe far harvest yet, or I wuild ‘ave plucked ‘em lang ago! ” 

  Quickly gulping down the last bite of his bread roll and wiping his mouth on his sleeve, Pippin stepped forth to give the lass the desired hug, arms coming round her waist to envelop her in a tight embrace.

nelleri asked:

write ten facts about yourself then pass along to ten of your favourite followers ٩(๑ƠలƠ)۶♡


1) i drink so much caffiene i stopped needing to drink it to be awake, but now drink it to not be ill

2) when i was a kid me and my sister took these bingo markers our cousin had and painted every inch of the walls in multi-colored dots

3) one time tried to dig out this thing from the ground and i hit a pocket of earth that house a million thousand of those cockroach water bugs

4) the thing i tried to dig out was a washer machine my uncle buried, so i tried to dig out a washer machine

5) i hid my sisters mp3 player from her once when i was angry and forgot that i did, so for months she was looking for it until she found it in her hamper of clothes she never touched (and i did indeed hide it in her hamper)

6) I apparently eat so many strawberries that when i donated blood i finished in five minutes instead of ten

7) I drank an entire gallon of apple juice in one go once (i breathed, but the bottle never left my lips)

8) I put clay in the microwave once bc i heard about clay you bake to make it hard after you sculpt it and i though, well they’re like the same thing so

9) I reaaaally hate bellpeppers

10) i think bell peppers are too spicy (im weak)