More than 2,400 students streamed onto College Green on Aug. 26 for Convocation. The ceremony is one bookend to the Penn experience. The next time the class will march as a group is at Hey Day in their junior year. They’ll be together for a final time at Commencement in May of 2018.

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Photos by Stuart Watson


I am still practicing line weights and flats! In fact, I… am pretty sure I will be practicing them forever. And ever. Aaaand ever.. (Hey, I wound up throwing in a bonus Vance. I wasn’t gonna, but then.. I couldn’t not.)

Today is the first anniversary of chainsma and I’s snazzy couple courtesy of Harlowe Vanished - Eleanor and Penn! They are a blast to write, and draw, and I’m only looking forward to more! (And if you think it’s weird to celebrate the anniversary of a fictional coupling, then consider yourself lucky that you’ve never been as satisfied by a pairing within your own works before.. or um.. wait.. maybe it’s unlucky? Matter of perspective, I suppose.)


Aw, heck. You deserve it, you two!

Hi, there. My name is Penelope Hosh. I’ve just move into the Xavier Institute, and am hoping to make at least one friend. Maybe? Um, so a little about myself. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I used to have a cat, but he ran away. Um, and  can play the ukulele, which I will do now If I can remember the right cords…

(insert string plucking)

[The Hobby Lobby decision] almost suggests that this religious claim is getting preferential treatment compared to the other hypothetical future claims that they’re talking about — and that, of course, is something the Supreme Court is not supposed to do under the free exercise laws. So it presents two sort of equally unpleasant possibilities. One is that they are going to be extremely deferential to free exercise plans in the future, which almost seems to suggest that people can get a pass from federal law just by invoking religion. Or it suggests that they’re treating this claim better, which is troubling because it’s a politically conservative Christian claim, and the Supreme Court should certainly not be more sympathetic to certain religions than others.