Needing a gift for a child, I stopped by our local Lakeshore Learning Store which usually has a nice selection of educational type toys. I almost bought this Pengoloo game when I noticed the “Mom-Tested!” sticker.

What’s up with that? It’s 2013 and “Mom-Tested!” is supposed to be a subtle gold standard indicator for a non-gender-specific item such as a game? How about “Dad-Tested!” or even better “Parent-Tested!”?

Having my smart phone with me I decided to pop over to the website for Parenting magazine. Here’s what the website says about “Mom-Tested!”

Parenting magazine calls on a wealth of talent to determine what products earn the “Mom-Tested” label. Volunteer moms from across the country reality-test these items with their own families in their own homes. When they report back on their favorites, we know these products have been approved by the toughest critics out there: real moms like you.

Here’s what I found when I searched the Parenting website for “dad-tested”.

0 results for “dad-tested”

So apparently only moms possess the “wealth of talent” necessary to “reality-test” games, such as Pengoloo, with “their own families in their own homes.”

Ok. No problem.

Then a mom can buy this game because this dad said, “To hell with that nonsense,” and bought a different game. 

Sounds to me like Parenting magazine really ought to be called Moming magazine. 

Here is a silly video I took during a round of Pengoloo: The Fun South Pole Eggspedition! It’s a great little tabletop game and a nice way to exercise your memory. This round didn’t go so well for me, and my friend took one of me penguins (which is why I keep saying “ugh!” a lot).

Yesterday was an awesome day.

Met up with an old friend. We had crepes for lunch/snackies, after which I dragged everyone with me to my job interview…which I nailed (go me!).

We went to this cool little shop called Toy Werks in Stone Oak and got to be kids again.