If Brad or Joey’s crew chiefs get suspended, I’m going to be irate.

I totally understand Brad’s comments, support his stance, and agree whole heartedly. I’m not sure what NASCAR is going to do, but I’m not looking forward to it. With Joey’s top 5 and Brad’s top 10 finish, I feel it proves this Penske Racing team is amazing!!!!

Keep your head up, Brad. We’re all behind you.


In Walter Jones’s 13 year career with the Seattle Seahawks,

which is the only team he ever played for,

he racked up over 180 games, roughly 9,000 plays

and protected nine different starting quarterbacks.

He allowed a grand career total of 23 quarterback sacks and

was only called for 9 holding penelties total.

Absolute perfection of his craft and another addition to

the Seahawks Hall Of Famous.

anonymous said:

but u look practically the same with makeup and without and same with the contacts... very pretty i mean. i dont know how a change of contacts makes ppls eyes "beaty" they look the same excpet they are colored and makeup doesnt change your face shape either lol that anon was obviously jealous of your good looks and good job handeling annon hate! Question: why are you against the death penelty?

Well thank you!
I’m against the death penalty because it isn’t a deterrent to crime, innocent people may, and have, been executed, & it also costs more to house death row inmates.