Ok , so what is the scenario here? Is this like a choose your own adventure story? You’re walking your little sister(cousin,brother, random neighborhood kid) to the playground and you spot Hakuei playing his guitar on a bench , do you…..

A. Pretend you dont see him because its effin Hakuei and I so didnt dress to be seen by him

B. Hand the kid over to the nearest adult( its ok the guy with the white van has candy after all he cant be that bad) so that you can fangirl over Hakuei without any distractions

C. Walk calmly over to Hakuei and tell him how much your little sister (cousin,brother,random neighborhood kid) loves his music and it would be really great if he could sign something for them.

D. Insert your own ending _________________________________________

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I love this video and all of its unspoken implications. The manufacturing of mankind’s very first antibiotic. The dynamism of an industry on the verge of changing death itself. Women in lab coats, Rosie Riveter lab gals, toiling away in the molasses and mushroom factories to stop their young men from dying from sepsis (and to help cure those pesky gonorrhea infections!). Watching this video and swayed by the brimming optimism of its narrator, I thought, “By golly, with penicillin we CAN win this war!” 

Via A Moldy Cantaloupe & The Dawn of Penicillin « Body Horrors

Our pals at East Nashville Underground are shaking things up a bit in Nashville. 

They are inviting you to attend a show at The High Watt on September 10 featuring performances by Penicillin Baby, Machines Are People Too, and Ri¢hie! The catch? DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE.

If you can withstand not using your phone throughout each performance you will get a full refund of your $7! This show is for fun and to give those who care to play along the chance to create a memory by enjoying a great night of music without the distraction of technology.   

With 20-minute ‘phone breaks’ between bands, a photographer on-hand just for audience photo-ops (Jason Lee Denton), and all-around low-key vibes, the ‘Let’s Have A Show Without Phones Show’ aims to provide Nashville’s supportive music community with something unique and experimental for nostalgic fun.

"A group of us decided to do this because it seems like people want the reminder, or they want to collectively check out what the difference is / was. We’re trying to create that environment for a night where you’re able to be fully present to the room and what’s going on in it. Nashville indie music fans and supporters are encouraged to bring friends (things like this are always fun with friends) and be reminded of the experience of investing in a band and their music without a screen involved," founder of East Nashville Underground Jared Corder said. 

Special thanks to Blue Moon Brewing Company and Leinenkugel’s for supporting a fun, one-night concept that empowers show-goers, venues, and bands alike. 

Ages 18+

Nanotech invention improves effectiveness of the “penicillin of cancer”



By combining magnetic nanoparticles
with one of the most common and effective chemotherapy drugs, Argonne
National Laboratory researchers have created a way to deliver
anti-cancer drugs directly into the nucleus of cancer cells. They have
created nano-sized bubbles, or “micelles,” that contain magnetic
nanoparticles of iron oxide and cisplatin, a conventional chemotherapy
drug also known as “the penicillin of cancer.”

Read More - http://www.rdmag.com/news/2014/08/nanotech-invention-improves-effectiveness-%E2%80%9Cpenicillin-cancer%E2%80%9D

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