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How do you think pencilkind would work for a Sylph of Breath?

P: I think that it could work. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword. But maybe penkind, since it is final and direct. Either way, it can be pointy… I would try to make it easy to upgrade/prototype, unless if you are planning on having multiple strife specibi.

~Mod P.

>Mod CV: Post Fanta Fantroll

Name: Anzova Perliv (Shortened version of “orange carbonated” in Czech)

Gender: Female

Age: 7 sweeps

Symbol: That leaf above the ‘Fanta’ on Fanta soda.

Blood: Bronze/Orange #E59400

Hive: A giant orange sphere in the middle of a city. (Think big apple- except an orange.) Inside are orange walls with posters and sketches pinned to them. Overall, it is a very messy hive.

Quirk: @====>: Normal capitalization other than emphasized words and puts ~TILDES~ around them as well to represent her ~SYMBOL~! No punctuation except for ~EXCLAMATION POINTS~! (the prefix is a pencil, fyi)

Handle: inspirationalFanstasy (IF)

Land: Land of Bubbles and Citrine (citrine is associated with opening the mind to new thoughts)

God Tier: Maid of Mind

Dream Planet: Prospit

Strife Specibus: bookkind and pencilkind (but yo, the pencils  are more like poison darts)

Modus: Sketchbook modus. She has to first draw the item on a piece of paper and fold it into the shape of a card. It then becomes a card. She has to draw the item again to get it back out. Since her drawing is pretty good quality, it usually works, but when she’s under stress, it might not. If she draws it incorrectly somehow, nothing happens.

Lusus: Maremom, a horse that has a stem-looking appendage on it’s head, and plant leaves for a tail and mane. She is very proper and usually strict, but approves of Anzova’s artistry. Honestly, she’s more like a maid than a lusus, cleaning up trails of paint everywhere.

Power: The power to put ideas in people’s minds. Of course, this power is not unlimited, and some trolls aren’t affected by it. She does this without talking to them, and most of the time, they never know. Sometimes her friends ask her for ideas and she just does that, because it’s easier than articulating the idea through speech.

Hemoloyalty: She just goes with the flow. You’re a highblood? Cool. You’re a lowblood? Rad. You’re somewhere in between? Nice. She has never cared.

Personality: Even though her last name means carbonated, Anzova is anything but bubbly. She is imaginative, insightful, and optimistic, but extremely introverted. She doesn’t take anyone, including herself, too seriously, because although she tends to look on the bright side of things, she believes more firmly in death than anything else. She enjoys drawing and messing with things until they are to her standards (which really aren’t that high.) If someone doesn’t care, chances are that she doesn’t either. She’s extremely versatile, but doesn’t do well with explaining her art and personality. She tends to look at everything from a global standpoint. However, she does not believe in magic, troll fairy tales, and most other common superstitions. Overall, she is an optimistic skeptic who likes sarcasm and art. That’s about it. Her drawings are actually terrifying, and although she is good with art, most of the sketches tacked to the walls of her hive are eyes, plants, and designs for technology. Some other trolls think she could be an engineer, but to be honest, the designs are bullshit. She barely understands multiplication, much less curvature and aerodynamics. All of the numbers are made up. Again, she does not take herself seriously.

Ancestor: The Imaginer. I don’t have her story down exactly, but she was executed for having progressive thoughts about art and science. Basically, think of the relationship between Galileo Galilei and the Catholic Church. That equals her relationship with royals. They wanted to keep science and art out of their “religion” with censorship and cover-ups.

Background: Fanta was created in Germany during WWII, and as they were deciding what to name it, one man said ‘Use your imagination!’ which translates as fantasie in German. Therefore, they named it Fanta. This is why she is so imaginative and stuff. Also, Fanta was created DURING WWII MAY I JUST REPEAT THAT which is why she has a dry sense of humour and believes in death more than anything.

cv: fuck I’m finally posting this wow I should have done this a really long time ago sorry for the wait guys.

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If you could choose, what would be your strife specibus?

Pencilkind or Penkind. Like, idk a sword like thing with some kinda of okami-esque magic stuff. idk.