The crossword puzzle number 41 is issued in the newspaper on a Tuesday. Sam and Dean are working a case and while Sam researches the local archives on the computer, Dean starts to fill in the white boxes.

“Hey Sam, legend, four letters, do you think it’s me?”
Sam doesn’t lift his eyes from the computer but the answer comes right away. “Myth”.
Dean doesn’t mention that he had already the right answer written down.
“Four letters,where E.T wants to go”.
“Home”, mutters Sam, frowning at the computer’s screen.
“Dude, I know that.”

Dean stays silent for about six seconds before he starts again.
“Three letters, the brightest star.
Sam closes the laptop and stares at his brother. “How about two words, six letters, what I need you to do right now”.
Dean grins and wiggles his eyebrows. “Kiss me?”
“Shut up”, Sam hisses, before he snatches the newspaper from Dean’s hands. “Get ready, I got a lead, we need to go to the police station.”
“All right, all right, just lemme take a leak first”, Dean says before he stands up and heads for the bathroom.

Sam gets up from his chair at the small table and looks at the crosswords, his eyes scanning Dean’s answers and supplying with his own in the blank spaces left. His eyes drift to the last one Dean said out loud. Three letters, the brightest star. The ink is not dry yet and Sam swallows as his eyes track the letters drawn by Dean, the S not followed by U and N but by A and M.


★ Bunny Girl ~ [Drawing process video]