penannaoverthesky said: Ladies have a higher pain threshold than men! :D Also, I’m biased I think, but I think we have more ways of coping. Crying, yelling, swearing, etc XD I’m sure you’ll be fine! ^^

Lol that is probably true actually since we deal with it all of our lives!! I will get it done regardless but the thought of the pain sends me into panic mode, it’s the same when I think about having kids  - I would so love to and it’s exciting, but then I think of the pain of giving birth and I freak out! :c

Thankyou <3

penanna asked:

Pick anything you want from the list of drabble prompts you put up a week ago, and write something with Seggy-kins and Suh. <3

I’m going with Shoot me. Going only slightly AU, with Suh showing up while everyone’s still in Alterac.

Patrol duty was usually uneventful. The mountains in Alterac were high, and though they were inhabited by yetis, they rarely came close enough to be an actual threat to the Farm. Hati had ran off to range further ahead, possibly to chase some rabbits, but everything was quiet, so it was no issue.

Not five minutes after that thought crossed her, she heard the stomping of big feet close to her. Segolia shot into a conveniently located brush, drawing her bow, and nocking an arrow. As soon as she had done that, a gigantic bear appeared. She took aim before she realised this bear had horns, and looked a damn lot like a Druid’s bear form.

Segolia reached for her buzzbox, “Guys, I think Suhrato’s finally shown up.”

As an extra, for penannaoverthesky: Give me

The old Tauren sat hunched over, squinting at the piece of wood between his fingers on one hand, a knife in the other. Over the course of a week the old bull had carved a figurine of a bear with horns, luckily no wounded to take care of yet. Slowly, he put down the knife, and got up, leaning heavily on his cane.

He shuffled his way over to where a younger Tauren was seated, Suhrato. He nodded at her as he sat down, and extended the hand with the carving in it to her. “Take this, sister, so you may not forget your hooves again.”