Custom wolf headdress for sale. This was a $1,500+ project but the commissioner failed to complete payments and was generally just hard to deal with. Selling for $800.00 (reduced from$900.00) to recoup losses. 

This is a beautiful wolf with a perfect serene expression on its face and thick timber brown winter fur. Has front feet and claws! 

Payment plans are available! Please contact me directly through Etsy for more details


This is a ‘blind’ wolf headdress I created for a customer. It was a fun wolf to work with and has some of the most beautiful markings I’ve ever seen on a black/silver specimen.

The issue, though, is that the customer has not paid for this commission, and I have not been able to reach them in over a year. I held on to it, hoping that maybe they’d get back to me eventually, but I’m done waiting.

I need the money. My truck’s break system is literally screaming for repairs, I have some hunting gear to pay off, and a bunch of art projects that I need to finish but which I’m unable to work on until I get more supplies.

So I’m selling this wolf to the first person who wants it. Asking supply and labor cost only. I’m not trying to make a profit on this. I just want my money back so I can my life and business back into sway. $960.00 shipped. 


BeeWitch’s Loose Ends Giveaway!

Here is the last of my 4 giveaways! The other three are the Skull, Owl Teapot, and Fairy Giveaways! :)

If you win this Giveaway, you will receive:

  • A coyote pelt scrap
  • A corked glass bottle
  • New orange and black ribbon
  • A purple glowstick pitchfork
  • A pendulum mat
  • A small bag of Jobs Tears

Some fun stuff here! :D  Now, the Rules!

  1. Must be following me.
  2. Must be within the US (sorry! I only have so much money for shipping). 
  3. Must have your ask enabled. If I cannot message you when you win, I’m going to pick someone else.
  4. Must respond to message of win within 48 hours, or I will pick someone else.
  5. No giveaway blogs (meaning if your blog is just a blog you use to reblog giveaways, you won’t win, because I’ll check).

Only reblogs count as entries! You can reblog as many times as you want!

Giveaway ends Sunday October 20th, 2013! Good luck!


Edit: Sold! Thanks everyone 


Our newest side project is finished! 

This adorable red panda makes a great throw, lap blanket, couch decoration, wall hanging, rug, or whatever else you can think of doing with it. Ultra soft and cuddly, he’s made with 9 different faux furs on top, has a warm plushy inner layer, and is lined on the bottom with a soft cuddly minky. Freehanded paw swirls are embroidered into the underside. 

He measures in at over 4 feet long! 52” to be exact. The entire thing is sewn together, and it can be hand washed in cold water with gentle detergent and hung to dry. 

He’s sold! 
We’ll also be open for custom versions of these starting at a base price of $400. Information to come on that. 

If you’d like to purchase, email me at shagpokestudios@gmail.com