Into the Peloponesse

We flew to Athens on the 19th, and the next day took a 9-hour taxi tour of the Peloponesse c/o James of georgetaxitours. An hour’s drive out of athens is the theater of Epidaurus, known for its perfect acoustics. Of course I did not dare stand in the center of the theater to test this claim… I just went all the way up and took photos instead. Too bad the was sky overcast. With all those ruins in gray and beige against the blue-gray sky, these were the best I could come up with =((

Next, we went to the ancient city of Mycenae. Although it was drizzling, we trudged along and climbed the stone steps and explored the ruins. My jacket was mainly used to shield my SLR from the rain!!!

anonymous said:

come down to peloponesse next summer and let's get wasted

Sorry i prefer Rhodes for summer, it’s perfect.