in light of recently hitting 200k on facebook, i’ve decided to give out one of my personal edits i play in my live sets. been putting in serious time on new music, but in the meantime, enjoy this one.

AND go scoop that new Broke City EP from Nadus on Pelican Fly. One of my favorite EP’s of the year and it’s for a great cause. All proceeds and royalties from his EP will be donated to the Newark Boys Choral School…y-ep/id874933071


Nxwxrk - Nadus

Right now, one of the musical subgenres I look to for really good sounds is Jersey Club. It’s gotten pretty popular, so there’s a lot of kids producing and playing it who couldn’t be further from Jersey and the scene that grew the sound. That can be good and that can be bad. 

In part of the good, Jersey producer Nadus got picked up by Belgian record label Pelican Fly who released his Broke City EP in May. If you slept on it, that’s OK but I have to say it’s probably the best five tracks in a single release all year.

If you think that Jersey Club is all gunshot and bed squeak samples and so you’ve passed on listening to it — please take a deep breath and hit play on this track, because right away the piano melody will lead you into a bouncy, percussion-driven trip to Newark.

(This isn’t even my favorite track on the EP, but it’s damn good.)

Cashmere Cat Mirror Maru + Kiss Kiss

“I look at your face, and I just want to smash it. I just want to smash it with a sledge hammer, and squeeze it, you’re so pretty.” 

Punch drunk love in the form of electronic sonnets dripping with spastic kisses and flirty eyelash bats in your direction. Billowy drops race over drumroll heartbeats with a bassline that builds and builds and finally explodes like fireworks. Cashmere Cat‘s ‘Kiss Kiss’ is a jolting (but exciting) roller coaster ride we simply don’t want to get off.

The opening track, “Mirror Maru” is filled with squeeky samples that act like those butterflies that flutter around inside, while simple piano keys, and cleverly layered harp chords create this perfect pairing of oddball quirk and innocent infatuation. You know that feeling… Dancing in the rain love fool, skipping over any patch of darkness, if only to catch a few more rippling keyboard drops of light.

Cashmere Cat just dropped a fantastic four-song EP, Mirror Maru out now on Pelican Fly. Get it via iTunes.

I wrote this for The Line of Best Fit, but added to it because the entire EP is rad and needed some love.