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Magnus: You know I don’t like you guys, but I’ll let you stay, but only because of the hot one.
Jace and Isabelle: Thanks.
Magnus: What? I meant him. The one with the blue eyes.
The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones.  


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See Do-Ho Suh's Fabric Houses In A Mesmerizing Short Film

See Do-Ho Suh’s Fabric Houses In A Mesmerizing Short Film

The Korean artist’s most moving works are featured in this short documentary of his recent show Pefect Home. When Korean artist Do-Ho Suh’s decides to create a full-size model of an apartment, he doesn’t hold back. Every detail in his New York City apartment, from the pipes in the bathroom to the shape of the air vents, is eerily perfect. The only catch is that the model is meticulously sewn…

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