Rocketeer action figure! Although I wish there figures of Jenny Blake (girlfriend), Peevy (buddy), Neville Sinclair (villain), and Lothar (the hulking goon). Still on glad to see posable action figure at a decent price for one of the most underrated movies of all time. For those that don’t know, the movie was directed by Joe Johnston who directed Captain America: The First Avenger, and he was picked for that movie because of this movie. ^_^

These are the smiles of two women after they finished interviewing with a film crew here at Piedmont Newnan. RN Susan Peevy (left) has been named one of Georgia’s Top 10 nurses as part of the AJCjobs Nursing Excellence Awards. She was nominated by Women’s Services Director Jennifer Key (right). Both will be featured in a video that will be shown at the Awards luncheon in May. Susan is one of two Piedmont Newnan nurses to receive this honor.


My daughter’s artwork is getting more detailed & interesting.

Top pic - the heart is crying happy tears because it saw a baby snail - the creature in pink is a pig (turn your head to the left)

Middle pic - she has started self-critique, crossing out the girl in blue hair as she wasn’t happy with how it turned out.  Her sister is the girl with green hair, to her left is a bottle of special juice, the bag she is holding is magic.

Bottom pic - I thought this was a little girl in the woods.  Nope.  It’s a rock filled with slime which stings when you touch it.  Nice!