I’ve been excited to let go of this news for a while: I’m super honored to be invited to be the first Asian-American member of thejustseeds artists co-operative: a de-centralized network of socially/environmentally-engaged printmakers and artists! One of my prints, Funeral for the Honey Bee, (top right) and a few copies of my chapbook From the Earthworm to the Night (may be sold out) is available in their store as well as the work of many other artists whose work and activism I have been admiring for many years! Take a gander. Thank you Meredith Stern for believing in me enough to extend the invitation. I have been blessed to be a part of a radical poetry community, and now I can say that I have found the rare radical community to thrive in as a visual artist as well. 2014 has been a year of gifts, I hope to not let you down!

We’re having a brief back-to-school sale at the Justseeds store - (http://www.justseeds.org/) use the coupon code EMPOWER at checkout to get free shipping!

anonymous said:

When Cato emerged from the fraternity house's community showers in just a white towel wrapped loosely around his waist, Peeta almost choked on his toothbrush at his reflection in the mirror. Cato's muscles rippled and glistened with water, and his blue eyes twinkled as he winked at Peeta's gaping expression. "How's your girlfriend these days, Peet?" He asked, knowing full well from late night, secret, and alcohol fueled conversations that Peeta didn't really have a girlfriend.


why did you even bother with anon, c-r-roberts