anonymous said:

What do you like in Christian?

What do I like about Christian?  It’s like asking someone why they like food (I keed, I keed) ^_^  But seriously, I like him for various reasons

  • He’s charismatic (they don’t call him Captain Charisma for nothing, am I right?)
  • Pound for pound, he’s one of the best wrestlers the WWE has
  • He’s equal parts funny and cute (sometimes he’s funny without trying to be)
  • I love his ‘raps’
  • He has the best entrance theme song in the history of the WWE
  • The Peep Show is awesome
  • So is the Killswitch
  • He has the best fans ever (dubbed his Peeps)
  • 5 Second Pose
  • His friendship with Edge

I could list much more, but you get the gist of it :]


insanityallthetime said:

I just want to let you know that I see you a lot on my notifications and I just want to tell you that you are adorable, and I appreciate you. I am also terribly sorry that Christian didn't return, I blame the fault on me and what an anon had told me. I'm sorry.

Aw thankies.  I just want to say how much I love your blog (almost as much I love Christian ^_^)  I know I can always count on you to fulfill my WWE and Christian needs.  I just hope that he comes back soon :]