The Sirens :: Peel Here 2010

I miss you

Hold me close.
I want to re-read every chapter of your body
to remember how we got here.

Peel back your lucid dreams
like blossoms,
let me record the scent of every petal,
every ink dyed, sleep smothered story,
your beautiful being
living in a terrarium
thousands of miles away.

I have learned to curl up with phone static
To divine my future in the patterns of your voice
rendered in speaker phone quality

it’s unsettling
how much your proximity matters.
I suppose
we have come to an understanding
that our paths run in the same direction
despite our distance
I pray we are not in perfect parallel
to see a joining of our
frail bodies,
covered in grass stains,
watching the summer sun
I will find echoes of shade
with my head nestled to the curves of your lap
and smiles tucked underneath your
fingertips and embrace
I miss you,
I miss you because it feels like
the distance
has reduced us to caricatures
desperately tracing each others’ silhouettes
so as to remember
what we look like
we stumble, separate,
recalling the promises we’ve made to each other
the ones that shine sacred when we can hold each other,
they are what keep us going,
even as our lives take us apart,
dividing our work and pain into cardboard boxes
we do our best to hold alone.
There is a small tragedy in knowing
that our relationship cannot grow
stronger than our phone signals.

So hold me close,
because I won’t fool myself into thinking
that your touch can last forever
but I can hope that it will keep me warm
until the next time I see you.

hold me close,
to keep me from falling apart
and here, in this moment,
I am yours,
not my job or my legacy
my voice or my heart or my body,
here, I belong,
cradled in your arms,
you make me feel safe.

Hold me close,
because I love you.
And all of this,
this distance,
this quietness and tragedy,
all of this is worth it.
For you.


i just logged on to see how mary KILLED it today, and i just wanted to give you all an update on where i’m at. today was my first day of my internship (!!!) and it’s already really busy! i work until 5 monday-thursday and don’t get home until six-ish but i have friday off and the nights too :))) so that’s when i’ll be around here most likely!!!! i just wanted to let everyone know so that you all dont think i’m like skiving off this blog or something - mary is so good that she beats me to answering questions and things but i’m always excited when there’s something left for me to answer!!! 

xx g

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Mizon Refresh Time Grapefruit Peeling Gel Review

Mizon carries my all time favourite peeling gel, theApple Smoothie Peeling Gel (review here!). After having such success with that product I was keep to try out more of the exfoliating products they have. The Refresh Time line contains both cleansing foams and peeling gels in the 3 different types for different skin types. I have all 3 of the peeling products from this line, so reviews for the others will be up soon!
                -Grapefruit for dull skin type
                -Green Tea for combination skin type
                -Cherry Blossom for rough skin type

The Refresh Time Peeling gel is a natural skin pure solution that brightening and rejuvenates the skin. This peeling gel removes old dead skin cells and wastes in rough skin. Its vitamin C ingredients from grapefruit keeps the skin healthy and active. This peeling gel provides mild exfoliation with Gommage Peeling. It deeply cleanses the skins pores with the grapefruits extracts making the skin surface even and smooth.
To use, apply over face avoiding eyes and lips area after cleansing. Leave it for 1 minute. Rub and roll smoothly for 1 to 2 minutes once it starts rolling up gel type granules (gel type granules will roll up dead skin cells and skin wastes). Wash it off with lukewarm water.

Mizon is consistent with its simple and calm designs. The packaging has a very fitting refreshing theme to it.  There is 120ml of product.

Mizon are definitely on point with their peeling gels. The Grapefruit version targets dull skill and my skin did in fact look instantly brighter after each use.  I found that my skin was definitely smoother and softer. It removes dead skin effectively skin appear clear and clean. The peeling gel is very gentle to use and doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry or cause any irritations during or after the exfoliation process. The peeling gel has a very subtle fresh citrus scent that is nice and light. There aren’t any negatives about this product at all. I’m very excited to try the other 2 from this line as well. If anyone is looking for a good peeling product, I really do recommend you all to check out Mizons stuff!

-smells really fresh
-skin looks instantly brighter
-skin is smoother and softer
-very gentle to use
-removes dead skin
-doesn’t dry skin out or cause any irritations

Cons: None!

Rating: 5/5


Throwback Tuesday as a gentle reminder that this saturday me, @maziif and the whole gang (@cahmunhoz and @lusz93 feat. the always superb @gihfiori) will shoot again, so keep your eyes peeled here and on these ladies profiles, people!