day 19. a photo of you on a school trip

Say school trip, and I still can only think of PEEC. Most exciting 3 days of High school. Most exciting week of High School. “PEEC PEEC PEEC SKIP PROM” Except the girls didn’t end up skipping because Mr. Simon wouldn’t have let us out early to get our hair done on Friday. But I’m pretty sure we had like 5 unofficial skip days (Turning point!) to make up for it. Aw, High school. :3

Just spent Christmas to New Years with the old class, and saw some kids I haven’t seen in years, and now I’m feeling so fuzzy inside. :3

My Broversity shirt is fading D:



Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference (PEEC) 2013

I got involved with this “biology” conference when I attended it in 2012 with some friends who were presenting, even though my masters work isn’t directly relevant. That year I went mainly for the chance to get to see Bamfield, a tiny town on the westest coast of the island. The town is only accessible by a couple-hour ferry down Barkley Sound, a really long inlet from the Pacific Ocean that ends inland at Port Alberni in the middle of Vancouver Island, or by rough logging roads. I made a slide for one of my presentations from the view from the Lady Rose ferry to Bamfield (the second last photo).

It is mainly populated by people working for the Bamfield Marine Science Centre (BMSC) who study, of course, marine science. Many UVic students go up there for field work or for courses over a semester or the summer. It’s a beautiful little place with tons of wildlife and, when the fog lifts (which isn’t often, it rains a LOT!), a beautiful view of the Strathcona Park mountains on Vancouver Island. 

This year I was on a committee of about 8 people in geography and biology at UVic who  organizing the conference. The organization of it passes between UVic, UBC and Simon Fraser Universities, and most attendees are from those three schools, all grad students or senior undergrads. It’s a great environment for your first conference presentation as it is all students and we try to make it a comfortable place for exchange of ideas. And the “Rix Centre”, the wood-panelled room seen in the photos, is a beautiful new building at BMSC that looks like a clam shell from the top!

The organization and fundraising for the conference took a lot of work and time over the 6-8 months previous, but it was a pleasure to get to work with, and become even better friends with, Logan Wiwchar, Adrian Burrill, Eric Hertz, Shannon McFadyen, Jacqueline Clare, Luba Reshitnyk, and many other volunteers. There was a costume party one of the nights, and I dressed up with a bunch of the organizing committee, as a “Gene Pool” - wearing jeans and having different alleles drawn on our shirts :)

I wish I could be employed full-time to organize conferences! Anyone got a lead on how?!

March 2013

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they aren’t freshmen anymore!

Put this video together to promote my engineering floor… I’m pretty excited about it so I thought I’d share :)