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I felt in love with this cute little gadget called STRIIV. It’s a pedometer that counts how many steps you walk daily, stairs you climb, calories you burn, kilometers you walk, and minutes of activity, but that’s not all!

The cool thing is that it keeps throwing challenges at you frequently throughout the day (example: walk 300 steps in the next 5 minutes to earn a prize), and once you earn trophies, you can convert your steps to donate to a charity of your choice (give purified water to needy children, donate polio vaccines in poor villages, plant a tree, etc). To sum it up, it gets you addicted to walking while supporting a great cause!

Lose a Bra, Gain a Goal

This is a post where I do briefly (hee!) mention “unmentionables”, among other things.  No pictures, if that impacts your decision to read on or not…

My favorite bra had to be dumped this morning.  Earlier this week, it tried to kill me.

Ladies, you know what I am talking about.  You have an underwired undergarment that for one reason or another decides it wants to test its boundaries.  The wire…

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After a windy battering on the bike this morning, the afternoon brought a complete change of pace. I enjoyed a wonderful leisurely lunch with my beautiful friend Trish, who surprised me with a Christmas gift in a sweet bike bag - she’s so thoughtful. There’s a shoe shop near the cafe that stocks shoes which are a bit different…and I succumbed - they were too pretty to leave behind tee-hee.

Decisions … decisions. 
Time to replace my One that has been malfunctioning for 6 months ever since it took a swim in the bowl of water… Not really sure I want a flex though….. Also considering exchanging the flex in for a force and paying the $20 difference… They sent me a replacement for my one free of charge and then my dad walked in with a flex.
Such a dilemma.

Fitbit Zip Review

I was into the idea of getting a pedometer for a while as I felt that cardio and muscular structure/toning wasn’t enough, I needed to move around more and thought that getting a pedometer would be the perfect way of making sure that I did that.

Here is what your steps per day equate to:

Under 5000 steps per day= sedentary lifestyle

5,000-7,499 = low active

7500-9999= somewhat active

10000= active

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